Warwick Davis Net Worth

Warwick Davis is an actor, producer and director, writer, and television presenter, who is best recognized for playing the lead characters within Willow also the Leprechaun film series, instructor Filius Flitwick and Griphook within the Harry Potter films and also Ewok Wicket within Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Now let’s have a close look at Warwick Davis’s net worth.

Early Life

Warwick Davis Net Worth

Warwick Davis was born in the year 1970 to Ashley and Susan J. His birthplace was Epsom, situated inside Surrey. This actor has a sister. Also, it is revealed that when he was born, he was having Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenital, known as an extremely exceptional type of dwarfism.

At the age of 11, the actor’s grandmother heard one radio announcement mentioning for individuals who possess height approximately 4 feet (1.2 m) alternatively even smaller than that to appear on Return of the Jedi. Because Davis was basically a follower of Star Wars movies, the opportunity was identical to a dream come true for this actor. When his task of filming in Return of the Jedi is finished, Hamill acknowledged Davis all Star Wars figures that he actually did not possess.


Warwick Davis started off his career by previously being featured in the form of an extra Ewok, during the time Kenny Baker, the person who was prepared to be Wicket, fall ill. In that matter, George Lucas has chosen Davis in order to accept the position of afresh Wicket post observing the manner he depicted himself being Ewok. The actor has related his Ewok undertakings right on his dog, and that dog would nod his head every time he perceived something weird.

During the year 1987, he was instated to Elstree Studios running inside London to come across with George Lucas as well as Ron Howard. That corresponding meet was held in order to deliberate afresh film project, i.e., Willow, which was written keeping Davis into consideration.

This actor has depicted the character of Filius Flitwick, known as a professor within well-known Harry Potter films. Moreover, he even acted in the white-mustached type of Flitwick within the former two films, and subsequently in the form of a black-haired person who is an unnamed choir player for the series’ third episode. Davis too goes role in one episode of well-known ITV series known as Perspectives: Warwick Davis – The Seven Dwarfs of Auschwitz during the year 2013.

The corresponding role featured him discovering a tale of Ovitz family, identified as visiting musical type troupe that incorporated seven dwarfs that let Nazi Auschwitz concentration campsite and even trials of Josef Mengele. The actor is going to perform within Star Wars: The Last Jedi inside a role but the role is still not finalized. But the film is set to be launched during the year 2017.

Awards & Achievements:

Warwick Davis’ achievement is performing excellently as lead characters inside Willow and even in the Leprechaun film series. The actor is presently a celebrity of the famous television series entitled “Life’s Too Short.”

Net Worth of Warwick Davis

Warwick Davis has an estimated net worth of $10 million. He has made most of his fortune with his major career as an actor, though he also earned through his appearance as director, producer and television presenter.

Till now, the actor has worked to perform within a sequence of key television as well as film projects like the BBC “Chronicles of Narnia” named series in the character of Reepicheep, a horror franchise entitled “Leprechaun” in form of Leprechaun, “Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace” in form of the body of Yoda. He also worked as Nikabrik within film edition of “Prince Caspian,” as well as in the role of Flitwick and also Griphook within the “Harry Potter” franchise, etc.

Warwick Davis is one of those actors who neglected the fact regarding dwarfism which he possesses in the form of major physical defects and outshined his career as an actor and as a television presenter mainly. By now, he has amassed so high net worth and fame which has nothing to do with his physical appearance.


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