Tyler Joseph Net Worth

Tyler Joseph is an American musician, singer, lyricist, and rapper. He is well known for his role as lead singer and pianist in the band Twenty-one pilots. It was this band that made Tyler Joseph’s dream of becoming a rock star turn into reality. Let’s find out how much is Tyler Joseph’s net worth.

Early Life

Tyler Joseph Net Worth

Born on December 1, 1988, at Columbus, Ohio, Tyler Joseph had two brothers and a sister. His father Christopher Anthony Joseph was a principal in a high school. Mother was a maths teacher and later a basketball coach. Tyler Joseph also started as a basketball player from a young age and was a good state-level player. However, he left basketball for music. He married Jenna on March 28, 2015, and his wife also sometimes accompanies him in his performances.

Tyler Joseph had started his musical journey with a band formed with two of his school friends and later on when they left he formed a two-member band with John Dunn, the drummer his only associate. The duo rose to great heights and won many awards in their short musical journey and are a very promising and talented duo set to produce more musical milestones.


Tyler Joseph is best known for his creation “Twenty One Pilots” band which he had named after reading Arthur Miller’s Play “All my sons” in which a man causes death to 21 pilots by supplying faulty parts to the planes they flew during world war-II. His moral dilemma is the underlying theme that attracted Tyler.

An accomplished multi-instrumentalist, rapper, and songwriter he chose music as his career early in his life. He first started his career as a solo singer with the song “No Phun Intended” comprising songs like “save” and “whisper.” Thereafter he formed a band with his school friends Chris Salih and Nick Thomas.

When they left, Tyler joined with Josh Dun to form a band that went on to create a stir in the musical firmament. The duo released its album “Regional at Best” and later in April 2012 came up with album “vessel” done in collaboration with America Record label ‘Fueled by Ramen LLC,’ owned by Warner music group.

The high point in Tyler’s career came with their album “Blurryface” that topped the Billboard 200. Two of its songs “stressed out” and “Ride” were ranked No.2 and No.5 on Billboard Hot 100 respectively. The album earned triple-platinum from the Recording Industry Association of America. After winning a Grammy for the song “stressed out,” the duo became famous at international level.

The duo traveled worldwide starting their tour from Glasgow, Scotland on May 11, 2015 and performed 113 shows concluding their tour in Western Australia on May 7, 2016. They also conducted an “Emotional Roadshow world tour” comprising 123 shows.

Awards & achievements:

Taylor Joseph band was nominated and won several awards during their musical career. In 2015 Twenty-one pilots won Alternative Press Music’s most dedicated fans, award. In 2016 Blurryface won the album of the year award. Twenty-one pilots also won the American Music Award of the favorite Pop/rock band/duo/group. In 2016, Blurryface won the BillBoard music award of Top Rock Album. Twenty-one pilots also won Top Rock Artist award and Top Radio Song artist award along with Nickledon kids’ choice award and NRJ Music award International revelation of the year.

However, the crowning glory for Tyler Joseph was the song “Stressed out” of their fourth album ‘Blurryface’ which had a theme of a harsh end to adolescence and transition to adulthood. It won the best pop duo performance Grammy at 59th annual Grammy awards. The record sold 2.4 million copies as of December 2016.

In the felicitation ceremony of the Grammy award, Tyler said during his thanksgiving speech, “anyone from anywhere could do this thing (pointing to the Grammy in his hand).” While receiving the Grammy, Tyler and his bandmate was in their underwear as they had promised themselves years ago while watching a Grammy awards ceremony on their Television, that they would receive their award in that manner if they ever won a Grammy.

The net worth of Tyler Joseph

Tyler Joseph has steadily risen from a single to a band of three school friends who left a finally he and drummer Josh dun chased their dreams and saw it gradually become a reality when his income rose in tandem with their popularity, and they gained huge fan following and were nominated for almost all the top American Music Awards. They won many, and this journey of excellence witnessed a steady rise in their Net Worth. Tyler Joseph’s Net worth touched $10 million and this promising genius in for more as his popularity grows unabated.

If in a few words one summarises Tyler Joseph’s life and career, one can say he chased his dreams sincerely and with passion and succeeded eminently. He left basketball in which he was a promising player, he was unperturbed even when his two bandmates left his band, and he continued with his singing dreams with only his drummer mate and excelled. His great songs came after these initial hiccups. Tyler Joseph, a devout Christian singing at Five14 Church “O come, O come, Emmanuel” seems to be thanking God for all His blessings.


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