Trey Smith Net Worth

We all are aware of popular celebrities and their spouses. Regular posts on page 3 columns that come out on the social and print media keep us updated with all the celebrity gossips. But sometimes we do miss out on some individuals, no matter how devoted we are to reading and discovering all the gossips. Trey Smith is one such individual. Born to Will Smith and his first wife, Sheree Zampino, Trey is the least talked about among the Smiths. Here is a quick summary of Trey Smith’s net worth.

Early Life

Trey Smith Net Worth

His birth name was pretty long, Willard Carroll Smith III was what he was called. He is now known as Trey Smith, and yes we all would agree that this sounds much better! He was born in Los Angeles, California on November 11, 1992. Trey Smith is the son of infamous Hollywood actor Will Smith and his first wife, Sheree Zampino. Though he is the eldest among the Smith’s, his other siblings – Willow and Jaden are more well known than him. Trey has in interviews stated that his mom is the most important woman in his life and respects her a lot.


He began his early career playing football in school. Trey was a star footballer, and a sporting scholarship was offered to him by his school, Oaks Christian High School. Apart from playing varsity football, he was also interested in Track. But he had other plans for himself. Trey chose to give a thought to pursue education vs. making a career in the entertainment industry. Just like his father, he chose to live a life in the entertainment industry and chose to pursue music.

Trey is now an established DJ, performing under the stage name AcE. He has produced music that has featured both his siblings, Jaden, and Willow Smith. Trey cross promotes his music through his brother’s multifaceted brand, MSFTS. He plays at private parties of celebrities and also at famous clubs in America.

Awards & Achievement

Trey has appeared in his father’s music video, ‘Just The Two of Us.’ He produced the music video ‘Find You Somewhere’ which was released in 2012 and featured his two siblings. This was directed by his stepmom and Will’s current wife, Jada. Trey also produced a track, Why Don’t You Cry for his younger brother, Jaden.

All the three Smith siblings appeared in a heart-touching mother’s day video for VH1. The fans loved and celebrated the release of the video with much fanfare. Besides music, Trey also acted on a few episodes of television sitcoms. His television appearances include acting in two episodes of All of Us and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Net Worth of Trey Smith

He belongs to the family of Hollywood A’ listers but works just like any other commoner. Forgoing a formidable, yet not so tempting career in football to pursue a passionate one in the field of music, Trey is now a famous DJ and music composer. He releases and produces music going by the name AcE Music. Trey’s career in music has earned him a net worth of $2.3 million.

Though Trey does not possess the stardom equivalent to his other family members, there is no doubt that he has been able to establish a name on his own. Being the talk of some popular memes for being the least talked about Smiths, Trey takes them with a pinch of humor and keeps his attention focused on his work. Music is the life that he has chosen to live, and if you ask him about it, he would definitely say that he doesn’t regret it a day.


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