Tommy Shaw Net Worth

A musical entertainer, Tommy Shaw is notably known for his collaboration with a popular rock band, “Styx.” In addition to being involved with other bands, like “Shaw Blades” and “Damn Yankees,” he has also established himself with his solo albums. Let’s find out more about how much is Tommy Shaw’s Net worth.

Early Life

Tommy Shaw Net Worth

Tommy Shaw was born as Tommy Roland Shaw on September 11, 1953, in Montgomery, Alabama. An American by descent, he has been actively interested in music since, his childhood and has played with numerous local bands in his formative years. He enrolled in Robert E. Lee High School and completed his schooling in Montgomery. After that, he left Montgomery and played with a band, “The Smoke Ring” based in Chicago.

Tommy Shaw married Pamela Donnelly, an actress by occupation on February 15, 1986. It was Tommy Shaw’s second marriage, and they had a daughter together named Hannah on July 9, 1987. Their daughter Hannah is a cat rescuer. The duo divorced back in 1993. On December 2000, almost 7 years after his divorce, Tommy Shaw married his present wife, Jeanne Mason. Tommy Shaw actively practices strict vegetarianism.


While in Chicago, Tommy Shaw played with two bands named “The Smoke Ring” and “MSFunk,” for which he played for 3 years, respectively. It was his performance with “MSFunk” that caught the attention of “Styx.” After the band, MSFunk disbanded, he went on to collaborate with a local band named “Harvest.”

Tommy Shaw’s journey with “Styx” started on a surprising note, as the “Styx” were on a lookout for a replacement of guitarist and vocalist, John Curulewski who left the band all of a sudden before a nationwide tour. Tommy was hired, and he eventually went on to collaborate and release his first album with “Styx” in 1976 named “Crystal Ball.”

He continued performing with the band and released a follow-up album in 1977 titled “The Grand Illusion.” The 1977 released album went on to procure ‘platinum’ status. The hit song by Tommy Shaw, “Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)” was also a part of this album.

Tommy Shaw went on to produce four other albums with “Styx” before quitting the band in the 1990s. He was, in fact, a witness to the decline of the band “Styx.” Tommy along with Ted Nugent, drummer Michael Cartellone and Jack Blades then went on to join a band named “Damn Yankees.” Tommy Shaw co-wrote the song “High Enough,” which became the most popular song of the band. The second album produced by “Damn Yankees” was conferred a platinum label.

Tommy Shaw came back to “Styx” in 1995 and then participated in the tour of 1996. Tommy is also known for the performance duo, Shaw Blades along with Jack Blades. They released their first album in 1995, titled “Hallucination” and then collaborated again in 2002 for a Christmas Song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Their second album, “Influence” released in 2007.

Awards and Achievement

On February 22, 2008, at an event held at the newly build Montgomery Convention Centre, Tommy Shaw was conferred with the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. He has received many accolades throughout the years for his song-writing and singing.

Net Worth of Tommy Shaw

The net worth of Tommy Shaw is estimated to be around $22 million, a fortune he has amassed over the years with sheer hard work and talent.

Tommy Shaw’s last solo album, “The Great Divide” came out on March 22, 2011. In June 2017, his album with “Styx” released named “The Mission,” which consisted of 14 songs and was a concept album about 2033 mission to planet Mars. Even after so many years in the music industry, Tommy Shaw’s career is far from over. We wish him all the luck for his future!


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