Tom Welling Net Worth

Tom Welling is an American director, model, actor, and producer who is best known for portraying the character of Clark Kent in the drama called Smallville. It was aired on WB/CB between 2001 and 2011. Before settling for television, he used to model men’s clothing for some popular band.

In the Judging Amy drama, Welling has a recurring role of Rob “Karate Rob.” Some of his films are The Fog, The Choice, Cheaper by the Dozen, as well as Draft Day. Here is a quick summary of Tom Welling’s net worth.

Early Life

Tom Welling Net Worth

Tom Welling was born in 1997 on 26th April as Thomas John Patrick Welling. His birthplace was Lower Hanson Valley, New York. Because his family moved occasionally, he has lived in Delaware, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Welling has three siblings, and he is the third born to his family.

His two older sisters are Rebecca and Jamie. Mark is his younger brother who is also an actor. Welling went to Okemos High School. It is located in Okemos in Michigan. During his school days, he played soccer and baseball. However, he loved basketball more.

Jamie White and Welling married in 2002 on 5th July. Their wedding ceremony was held in Martha’s Vineyard. The couple lived in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In 2011 they left for Los Angeles.

White filled a divorce in 2013 on 17th October. It was finalized in November 2015.

Welling and Jessica Rose Lee since 2014. She is the founder of the Saddle Club.


Initially, Welling was a construction worker. The job was until 1998 when a catalog camera scout suggested he try modeling during a party in Nantucket. Welling modeled for the Louisa Modelling Agency until 2000. That is when he left for Los Angeles.

On reaching there, he started pursuing an acting career. At the same time, Welling was modeling for Abercrombie Fitch, Tommy Hilfiger as well as Calvin Klein.

He appeared in a music video of Picture Perfect by Angela Via as her love interest. In May 2008, Wellings appeared on the issue of Vogue known as a superhero issue. He claims that he never enjoyed acting, and that is why he started acting.

His debut acting role was a Karate teacher Rob “Karate Rob,” Meltzer in Judging Amy(2001). He also appeared in Undeclared and Special Unit 2. He then landed his role as Crack Kent on the Superhero drama known as Smallville.

Wellings’s debut in film was in Cheaper by the Dozen as Charlie Baker. He acted together with Bonnie Hunt and Steve Martin. Two years later, i.e., in 2005, he starred in The Fog. That same year, he continued playing his role of Charlie Baker in Cheaper by the Dozen 2.

In 2013, he appeared in Parkland. The following year he starred in the Draft day together with Jennifer Garner, Dennis Leary, Kelvin, and Frank Langella.

He has been an executive producer of both Smallville to be precise the ninth seasons and Hellcats. Wellings has also directed various episodes of Smallville. He did not direct before 2006.

Awards & Achievements

Tom Welling has won two Teen Choice Awards. One was in 2002 for choice breakout star. The other one was Choice of the actor in 2009.

Net Worth of Tom Welling

Tom Welling has an estimated net worth of around $16 million. Initially, he made his earnings from working as a construction worker. After that, his source of income became modeling. He modeled male clothing for different brands.

Eventually, he joined the acting arena. He got various roles in both television series and films. His major one was in Smallville. The acting career has significantly contributed to his current net worth. Other sources are producing and directing.

Tom Welling is an award-winning actor. He is best known for his role as Clark Kent in Smallville. Before that, he was a construction worker. After a cameraman suggested otherwise, Welling joined modeling. He has modeled for Louisa Modelling Agency, Tommy Hilfiger as well as Calvin Klein. Also, Tom has appeared in films such as Cheaper by the Dozen, The Fog, and Draft Day.


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