Timothy B Schmit Net Worth

Timothy B Schmit is an American based musician, singer, and songwriter, who is best recognized for performing in the form of the vocalist and bassist for Poco and the Eagles, replacing vocalist and bassist named Randy Meisner in both circumstances.

Moreover, he has also functioned for many decades being a session musician as well as a solo artist. Keep reading to know more about Timothy B Schmit’s net worth.

Early Life

Timothy B Schmit Net Worth

Timothy B Schmit was born in the year 1947 in Oakland, situated inside California. His upbringing was done inside Sacramento, and he has started performing in the folk music group named Tim, Tom & Ron when he was of age 15.

His genres include rock, country rock, and heavy metal. Name of his website istimothybschmit.com, and he is active from 1960 till present.


Timothy B Schmit started off his career by performing within a folk music group named Tim, Tom & Ron when he was of age 15. The group has progressed to one surf band named as the Contenders, later it transferred the name to the New Breed (often identified as “the Breed”).

Being the New Breed, the group had one huge radio hit named the Animals-inspired “Green Eyed Woman,” launched during the year 1965. Altering its name one more time to Glad, this group has recorded an album entitled Feelin’ Glad during the year 1968.

In the year 1968, he gave audition for Poco however he was turned down in support of establishing member named Randy Meisner. While Meisner resigned from the band during the year 1970, Schmit has substituted him on vocals and bass.

Moreover, he has written and stayed as a lead singer on a song entitled “Keep on Tryin’,” known as Poco’s major hit single, ranking at #50 on the Billboard Hot 100 during the year 1975.

In the year 1977, he has joined the Eagles post the Hotel California trip, this time substituting Randy Meisner on vocals/bass post-resignation of Meisner. Though the Eagles are supposed of as a typical California band, Schmit is considered as the only member of that group to be a citizen of California.

Post the Eagles disbanded during the year 1980, Schmit boarded on a solo career, in which he has sung vocals and performing bass for hire throughout studio sessions. He has traveled with Toto during the year 1982 and along with Jimmy Buffett, in the year 1983 till 1985 being an associate of the Coral Reefer Band.

Also, he has invented the term “Parrotheads” to define Buffett’s followers. Moreover, he was identified as a member of Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band during the year 1992. In next year, he has contributed background vocals for many tracks on Clint Black’s “No Time to Kill” CD containing title cut.

Awards & Achievements:

Timothy B Schmit was instated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame being a member of the Eagles in the year 1998.

Net Worth of Timothy B Schmit:

Timothy B Schmit has an estimated net worth of $15 million. He makes most of his income with his major career as a musician, and singer, but he also earned from being a songwriter.

He earned well by performing with a group named Poco and has written one among its best-selling soundtracks. In the year 1977 and later on his earnings increased as he turned as a bassist, as well as a vocalist, for a famous group named The Eagles.

He continued performing with The Eagles even till date. While The Eagles were broken up, this singer earned excellently by launching a career in the form of a backing vocalist as well as a session musician, and it turned successful.

His melodious voice can be heard on many tracks by Bob Seger, Steely Dan, Don Henley, Boz Skaggs, Stills, and Nash, Crosby, and Richard Marx. The singer’s recent solo album entitled “Expando,” got released in the year 2009.

Timothy B Schmit is one of those musicians who know how to work collectively in a group and how to succeed in his solo career as well.

This is because he worked excellently while in a group named Poco and the Eagles. But when it gets disbanded, he did not feel disappointed and launched his successful solo career.


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