Susan Bennett Net Worth

Susan Bennett is a voice-over artist. This American celebrity is popularly known for using her voice in Apple’s “Siri”. Her voice has been used ever since this service was released in 2011, 4th October on the iPhone 4S. Using her voice in Siri was a great breakthrough for her since her popularity snowballed since then. We are about to unveil how Susan Bennett amassed her wealth. Read on to find out more about Susan Bennett’s net worth.

Early Life

Susan Bennett Net Worth

Susan Bennett was born in 1949, 31st July. Her place of birth is Clinton, Oneida County, New York in the United States of America. Susan joined Clinton Central School for her high school where she graduated after some time. In 1967, Susan joined Pembroke College.

She graduated from Brown University in 1971 after both the Pembroke College and Brown University merged. She studied hard while at Brown University and had a dream of being a teacher. In addition to her studies, Susan also acted in theatrical productions, Sock, and Buskin and participated in singing with a group called Chattertocks. She also performed in other singing groups.

Susan Bennett met Curt Bennett while studying at Brown University who by then was a professional hockey player. Curt participated in National Hockey League and National ice hockey team in the United States of America in the 1970s. The couple has a son, Cameron. Susan Bennett and Cameron currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia. She also has a pet cat called Boo.


Susan Bennett career as a voice artist kicked off in 1974 when she became the voice of Tillie the All-Time Teller, the first Atlanta National Bank. The following years, Susan Bennett became the voice artist for the Delta Airlines. This is a company which specializes in public address systems. Her main job in the company was to record awesome messages that served as a form of advertisement.

Susan also voiced GPS Navigation software, telephone system, and GPS Navigation. Other than being the voice of several companies, she has also voiced numerous television advertisements. Some of these television advertisements include Visa, Coca-Cola, Cartoon Network, Goodyear, The Home Depot, Fisher-price, Hot Pocket and others.

In 2005, Susan Bennett got a real breakthrough in the voice-artist industry. She managed to become the voice of Scansoft, a software company. She served as the voice of a database project in the company. Susan spent days, weeks and a whole month working on the database project. That is reading sentences and phrases. The phrases, sentences, and paragraphs were used to make Siri’s voice. She did not know about her voice being used in Siri until in 2011 October. The CNN confirmed this.

Awards and Achievements

Susan Bennett became popular in 2005 after becoming the voice of Siri. She later appeared on television shows to explain how and when she became a voice artist. Other than being a voice artist, Susan also achieved a lot in the filming industry by appearing in comedy shows and television shows. These and much more have boosted Susan Bennett net worth and her popularity.

Net Worth of Susan Bennett

Susan Bennett Net Worth is estimated $5.5 million. It has been earned through her work as a voice artist, singer, and actress. She has participated in numerous advertisements for various companies. Susan has also served different telephonic systems and commercials. With all the focus and determination, it is certain that this net worth is a possible amount for Susan Bennett.

People are different hence have different dreams. Susan Bennett ventured into an extraordinary career but has done very well. That teaches millions of people that you can be different but still excel in whatever you chose to do.


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