Steven Furtick Net Worth

Steven Furtick is the chief pastor of Elevation Church established in Charlotte, located in North Carolina, who is best recognized for being an author of famous five books namely, Sun Stand Still; two New York Times bestselling issues namely: Greater and Crash the Chatterbox; as well as Unqualified and Seven Mile Miracle. Keep reading to know more about Steven Furtick’s net worth.

Early Life

Steven Furtick Net Worth

Steven Furtick was born in the year 1980 inside Moncks Corner, located in South Carolina, the place where he was brought up. Discussing his education, he appeared at Berkeley High School.

Moreover, he gained a degree of B.A. in Communications from the university named North Greenville University and a Masters of Divinity done from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

When he was of age 16, the post was reading a book entitled Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire written by Jim Cymbala, this pastor “felt called to pastor a church in a major city”.

After working in the form of a music director in one local church running in Shelby, located in North Carolina, he relocated towards Charlotte and began Elevation Church.

This church had its first service in the year 2006. He and his wife named Holly together have three children namely Graham, Elijah, and Abbey.


Steven Furtick started off his career by being a pastor in some locally established churches. He has perceived the church develop to more than 20000 inconsistent attendance, presently meeting in total 15 varied locations, the recent being in Charlotte, located in North Carolina.

It is known that Elevation was quoted by Outreach Magazine being one among the Top 100 fastest developing churches inside the country each year right from the year 2007.

Apart from his local ministry, the pastor has turned as a guest orator in the US and globally, comprising speaking at some events like the Willow Creek Association’s 2011 based Global Leadership Summit which was presented by Bill Hybels, C3 Conference 2012, which was presented by Ed Young Jr.

Other names include Hillsong Conference 2012 which was presented by Brian Houston and Presence Conference years 2012 and 2013 which was presented by Phil Pringle.

He has too participated in The Elephant Room 1 and two which was presented by James MacDonald with many other speakers like T.D. Jakes, Mark Driscoll, Jack Graham, and Wayne Cordeiro.

Recently, he has been a crucial orator during the year 2014 Hillsong Conference, also in the year 2015 Dominion Camp Meeting held in Columbus, and Ohio hosted by Pastor named Rod Parsley, in the year 2016 Hillsong European Conference held in London.

He would be returning as a chief speaker at Dominion Camp Meeting 2017 intended to be held at World Harvest Church. During the year 2008, he has hit the headlines while his church provided $40,000 to associates in envelopes through $5, $20, also $1,000, and instructed them to expend it sympathetically on others.

Below his leadership, Elevation Church has provided over $100 million towards local as well as global outreach associates since the year 2006. In the year 2011, one partnership done with Anthony Foxx was founded to provide 100,000 hours as well as $750,000 to support Charlotte people in “The Orange Initiative.”

Awards & Achievements

The greatest achievement of Steven Furtick is a pastor of Elevation Church established in Charlotte. This is because here he imparts his spiritual knowledge by addressing the vast audience and works for the development of the church.

Net Worth of Steven Furtick

Steven Furtick has an estimated net worth of $50 Million. He makes his fortune from being a pastor of many churches wherein he has worked to date. Apart from that, his earning originates from being an author.

His overall net worth has increased noticeably after the year 2015. You can say that his earnings are high and will also increase in the future, as till now he has authored five famous books and will be the author of a few more books in the future.

Steven Furtick is one of the renowned pastors, whose main goal is to spread spiritual knowledge and to address audiences globally. His knowledge in this field helped him to stay as a pastor for many churches and let him be an author as well.


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