Sheena Easton Net Worth

Worldwide recognised for her blockbuster hit songs ‘Morning Train’, ‘For Your Eyes Only’, and ‘Sugar Walls’, Sheena Easton is a Grammy award winner pop star. The exotic lady has surely achieved a massive success in her career but what’s her net worth? Read on to find out the net worth of Sheena Easton.

Early life

Sheena Easton Net Worth

Born as Sheen Shirley Orr on April 27, 1959, in Bellshill, Scotland, Sheena Easton is a Scottish turned American singer and actress. Sheena was born in Scotland but after building her career in Hollywood, she received US citizenship in 1992 and shifted there. She had a struggling childhood. Her father, Alex, who used to work in a steel mill, died when Sheena was only 10 years old. As a result, her mother even had to work as a laborer to support her family. Sheena is youngest of her 5 siblings. There is not much information about her early education. Once she had decided to become a musician, she attended the ‘Royal Scottish Academy of music to excel her music skills.

Sheena Easton is drop-dead gorgeous. With the fact, you can assume how many love proposals she would have got. And Sheena also seems to be very experimental in marriage & relationships. She gave it a try for four times but each time, her marriage couldn’t last for more than two years and all ended with a divorce.

Sheena first found the love of her life in 1978 when she was only 19 years old. She married Sandy Easton but the two separate in just 8 months. Then, she moved to America and there she married Rob Light in 1985. Unfortunately, the couple ended up with a divorce in just one and half year. After some casual relationships, Sheena married the film director Timothy Delarm and this time the couple separated in just a few weeks. After 4 years, Sheena again gave a try to her love life and married John Minoli but as expected, the couple split up in just one year. Out of 4 marriages, Sheena doesn’t have any biological kids. Nevertheless, the singer has adopted two kids.


Sheena Easton pursued her dream to become a musician since the childhood. She was first recognised after appearing on the British TV show ‘The Big Time’. Soon, she released her debut single ‘Modern Girl’ which was a moderate success. Her popularity raised in 1980 when she released her second single ‘9 To 5’ which reached number at 3 in UK singles chart and went on becoming one of the top songs in Billboard chart US. However, she renamed this song as ‘Morning Train’ in the US.

After the ground-breaking success of this song, Sheena gave the theme song to the movie ‘James Bond’ which increased her popularity further. Then, she started collaborating with other singers including the musical legend Prince. Kenny Roger was the first who worked together with Sheena. The duet gave a few hit songs before Sheena appeared with Luis Miguel. On other side, she also released many albums such as ‘My Cherie’, ‘No Strings’, and ‘The Lover in Me’. Sheena also stepped into acting in the late 1980s but she is mainly popular as a singer.

Awards & achievements

The two- times Grammy Award winning singer has won several nominations and awards over her entire career. Other than Grammy Awards, she also won 2 MTV Video Music Awards.

Net worth of Sheena Easton

Over her nearly 4-decade-long career, Sheena has sold more than 4 million albums out of which, unnumbered of songs topped the Billboard’s chart. Given the fact, you can estimate her net worth. Yeah, at present, the sensational singer is not very active but still, she boasts a staggering net worth. The Scottish singer is believed to have the total net worth of $15 million. Other than singing, she has also made a good amount of money through the acting.

Known for her beautiful voice and gorgeous looks, Sheena Easton is a household name in Hollywood. Even after being an outsider, she has achieved the rocking success and has set a legacy for those all who dream to make a career in Hollywood.


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