Shawn Johnson Net Worth

Shawn Johnson is an American who was once a prominent artistic gymnast. During her career, she won gold and silver medals and is also a title holder of various championships. That highlights why her name is yet to fade away from people’s memories since her retirement five years down the line. It is high time that we learn Shawn Johnson’s net worth.

Early Life

Shawn Johnson Net Worth

Shawn Johnson was born in 1992 on 19th January to Doug and Teri Johnson. She was only three years old when Johnson enrolled in a gymnastics class having realized her potential. Three years later, she became a pioneer student of a gymnastic school of Liang Chow.

Her school life was in two bits. For the first one, she went to Valley High School. After that, she had a private tutor until finishing high school. Then, she registered at Vanderbilt University. Hardly had the classes began when she withdrew.

She and Andrew East are married since 2016. Their wedding was on 16th April of the year mentioned above while their engagement had occurred in July of the previous year. She was once pregnant, but the pregnancy suffered the fate of a miscarriage.


Her interest in gymnastics began at a tender age. At the age of 12, she was a participant of the Junior Olympics National Championships. She clinched position 4 in the all-around. For the beam and floor, Shawn was first and second, respectively.

Her qualification for the Junior International Elite significantly contributed to her successful career path. As a junior, she took part in several events. They include J. O. National Championships, Top Gym Competition, U.S. National Championships, Secret U. S. Classic, and USA-Japan -New Zealand Friendly among others.

As of 2007, she was a senior. That year, she played many events in her new category then. Some are American Cup, USA-Great Britain Friendly, Pan American Games, U. S. National Championships as well as the World Championship. She participated in the 2008 Olympic Games.

She did not compete in not only in 2009 but also in 2010. After she came back in 2011, she played Pan American Games, U. S. Classic, and U. S. National Championships.

Due to her left knee complications, Johnson had no other choice but to retire. The fateful day for that was in 2012 on 3rd June.

Awards & Achievements

Shawn Johnson has an incredible medal record. She won a gold medal and 3 Silver medals during the Olympic Games of 2008. In 2007, she took home three gold medals after the World Championships. For the Pan American Games of 2011 and 2007, it got juicer than that. From the two events, she has a total of 5 gold medals and two silver ones. Besides that, she received two American Cup medals which are gold one (2007) and silver (2008).

In addition to that, she has won 2 Teen Choice Awards, an AAU James E. Sullivan Award among other honors. Her induction into the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame was on 15th August 2013.

Net Worth of Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson has an estimated net worth of over $10 million. Her primary source of income has been her gold and silver medals wins. Others include television appearances, advertisement, brands’ spokesman as well as sales of her books.

Shawn Johnson is a retired gymnast who would still be one of the circumstances were different. The gold and silver medallist left a mark as far as gymnastics is concerned. Her other ventures besides that include writing books, appearing on advertisements, and being a spokesman. She and her husband have a YouTube channel as well. I cannot forget that she is a philanthropist too.


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