Scott Storch Net Worth

Scott Storch is an American producer. He is a popular and top record producer who signed “Nox” under his label “Storch Music Company.” The “Tuff Jew Productions LLC” published by the “Reservoir Media Management” is also owned by him. Now let’s have a close look at Scott Storch’s net worth.

Early Life

Scott Storch Net Worth

Scott Spencer Storch was born in 1973 on 16th December to Joyce Yolanda Storch and Phil Storch. He was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia but was raised in South Florida as well as Philadelphia.

His mother was a singer and worked with Philadelphia’s Cameo-Parkway Records, and his father was a court reporter.

Storch’s uncle, Jeremy Storch, founded a soul-rock band “The Vagrants.” He also loved writing songs which were composed by the musicians Eddie Money and Dave Mason.

Storch completed his elementary schooling from Sunrise and later attended Davie, Florida for middle school. He left South Florida in the middle of his freshman year to join his father in Philadelphia and later attended high school in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.


Scott Storch started off his career as a keyboard player in the year 1991 for the hip-hop group “The Roots.”

The very first commercial hit he got after collaborating with Dr. Dre for the production of the riffs for the song “Still D.R.E.”

The most successful commercial hit of Storch’s was ‘Lean Back’ which was the 2004 single by ‘Fat Joe.’

He spent almost $70 million in just two years on his extreme, lavish lifestyle and on cocaine addiction. He got a luxury mansion for $10.5 million in Miami’s Star Island and spent $20 million for a yacht named Tiffany.

He also purchased nearly 20 luxury cars, a private jet, and squandered $30 million in six months and was in very poor financial condition by January 2007.

He was arrested in the early of 2009 when he didn’t return a Bentley which he had leased 3 years ago.

During April 2009, Storch started an intense inpatient rehab program in Florida and also filed for bankruptcy. In the year 2012, he was arrested for the possession of cocaine in Las Vegas and later was released on bail.

Awards & Achievements

Scott Storch was awarded ASCAP’s Songwriter of the Year award in the year 2006.

He also became one of the top producers in the business and therefore the popular television channel MTV said that the year 2006 was Scott Storch’s most successful year both financially and creatively.

Scott Storch has produced several hit music records and also worked with many popular artists and musicians including Beyonce, Snoop Dogg, Lil’ Kim, Chris Brown, T.I., Christina Aguilera, The Game, Dr. Dre, Pink, 50 Cent and many others.

Net Worth of Scott Storch

Scott Storch has an estimated net worth of around $10 thousand.

He has made most of his fortune by producing several hit records and from his music production company.

He spent most of his fortune on cocaine addiction and in living a lavish lifestyle. He also squandered most of his money in buying luxury mansions, cars, and private jets. On June 2015, he officially filed for bankruptcy because he was unable to pay up his debts.

Scott Spencer Storch is a perfect example of “Riches to Rags” because a few years ago he was one of the top producers of pop music living in a million dollar mansion, driving luxury cars and dating Hollywood actresses like Paris Hilton and Lil Kim.

Nowadays, he is officially bankrupt and owes more than $5 lakhs estates taxes and has been arrested several times for the possession of cocaine.


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