Satoshi Tajiri Net Worth

Satoshi Tajiri is a Japanese video game designer and a game developer. He is a famous name in the gaming market these days. He is mostly known for his Pokémon series. Since Pokémon is the best export of Japan. Here is a quick summary of Satoshi Tajiri’s net worth , career and earnings.

Early Life

Satoshi Tajiri Net Worth

Tajiri was born in Setagaya, Tokyo on August 28 in 1965. He spent his boyhood in Machida Tokyo. Back then it was a rural area. From childhood, he loved collecting insects. It was sort of a hobby to him. Other boys called him ‘Dr. Bug’. This hobby of him later proved to be the inspiration for creating Pokémon.

As a teen, he used to love arcade games. He was fascinated by them. He tried to invent many video game ideas, because of these he used to cut classes. He was nearly failed though eventually, he got the high school diploma. He did not go to college but joined a 2-year degree program in which he majored in electronics and computer science.


Japanese shows and anime-inspired him. He talks of Shigeru Miyamoto as his mentor. The main characters of Pokémon anime are Satoshi and Shigeru. At the age of 17, he started writing and editing Game Freak from 1981-86. At first, it was handwritten. At this period Ken Sugimori got involved with him. They noticed that most games lack quality. They evolved the magazine into Game Development Company in 1989.

Soon the pitched their first game called Quinty. Namco published it. The idea of Pokémon was first pitched to Nintendo, though they were unable to grasp the idea. At this time Shigeru became his mentor, he guided him during the making process of Pokémon. It took almost six years.

During the creation the Company Game Freak was bankrupt, and they did not have money to pay the employees. Creatures Inc. helped Game Freak to complete the game. The famous games made by him are Smart Ball, Yoshi, Mario and Wario, pulseman and the Pokémon series.

Awards & achievements

He was honored with several awards as video game developer, and he is known as one of the 10 best video game developers. IGN included him in the list of top 100 game creators of all time. EGM named him as one of the most influential game creators in the gaming market. In the year 2011, he got the special award from Computer Entertainment Developers Conference.

Net worth of Satoshi Tajiri

Through video game, he made a lot of money. This Japanese video game designer has a net worth of $5.6 billion. The Pokémon Go game has swayed the world in no time. In 2016 within 24 hours of its release, the game became a top app in both play store and apple store. It is a free game and makes money via in-app purchases. The game was downloaded almost 8 million times within a week. He is the owner of the game freak. His net worth will reach $6 billion next year.

He is commonly called as The Bug Boy. He has one child. He lives a peaceful life with his family in Tokyo.


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