Rothschild Family Net Worth

The Rothschild family are some prominent wealthy family descendants of Mayer Amschel Rothschild who are renowned for their power and influence. The family wealth is much higher than the 10 richest billionaires combined. So how did the Rothschild family accumulate such a massive net worth figures and how did they acquire such power and influence in the world to an extent they financed The Napoleonic Wars and world wars.

Here is a short story of the rise of the 19th century’s most secretive and wealthiest family of all time. Keep reading to know more about Rothschild Family’s net worth.

Early Life

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The first of the Rothschild is Izaak Elchanan Rothschild who was born in 1577 in Germany, but the person responsible for its rise to international prominence is Mayer Amschel Rothschild who was born in Frankfurt. He is the one responsible for establishing banking and finance houses all over Europe together with his five sons.

Mayer Rothschild was a Jew from a very humble family who lived in a village in a Ghetto in Frankfurt. He learned the business from his father who was a coin’s trader and also a silk businessman and among his customers was Crown prince Wilhelm of Hesse. He became an orphan at the age of 12 following his mother’s death and at the age of 13 got the apprenticeship with a bank situated in Hanover Germany. Here he learned all about banking.


After returning home in Frankfurt Rothschild continued with his father’s business of selling commodities and selling coins too to the Crown prince. He decided to start off providing banking services and among his customers were the Prince and other nobles which led him to be named Crown Agent. He married off a woman who gave birth to 5 sons and five daughters.

During the French Revolution as a businessman, he was contracted by the Austrian army to provide financial services and also supply horses, wheat, and equipment’s and this kicked off his fortune journey. During this time, he sent his five sons to various European cities with the objective of establishing a banking business, and they were successful.

They used to lend money to governments that wanted cash for war operations, and this led to them accumulating bonds and invest their wealth in a number of industries. They helped greatly in Europe industrialization especially in the building of railway systems in the world, the Suez Canal. They also influenced the independence of some countries such as Brazil, the creation of African colony Rhodesia, and even funded Russo Japanese War. The family single-handedly financed the British war which runs into billions of money. The family has banks in the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Naples, among other places

Today the family has diverse its businesses to Real estate, mining business, winemaking business, numerous fields and property, energy sector, and nonprofits.

Awards & Achievements

Rothschild family can be credited for so many wrongdoings in the world and also for so many positive things. They built Suez Canal, many synagogues, hospitals, orphanages, education in many countries such as France, Austria, Israel, houses, and very many other charities work.

Net Worth of Rothschild Family

Rothschild’s net worth remains a mystery even today because of how secretive the family is. Some state that Rothschild’s net worth stands at $350 billion others $2 trillion and even some $5 trillion. But the most realistic net worth figure is $2 trillion. They earned their wealth through providing financial services to individuals and governments, but today they have diversified to other investments such as mining, energy, real estate among others. There are rumors that this family is so rich that they even control half of the wealth of the world considering the Federal Reserve bank is under their control.

Every rich family or a person has some controversy surrounding him or her and the Rothschild family has its share of the conspiracy too. They have been named as ILLUMINATI and there satanic. Some say they usually hold weird parties. They have bankrolled many major wars too. The biggest of them all is they usually intermarry between themselves only to preserve their wealth. Their father before his death wrote a will that none of the daughters would inherit wealth and only the sons that are ensured that the wealth remained only in the family circles.


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