Ronnie Coleman Net Worth

Ronnie Dean Coleman is an American based retired bodybuilder, owning the biggest and the most popular titles in bodybuilding that is Mr. Olympia for eight consecutive years, Moreover, he also owns a record for the most number of wins as an IFBB professional and hence recognized as the greatest bodybuilder in the history of bodybuilding. Here is a quick summary of Ronnie Coleman’s net worth.

Early life

Ronnie Coleman Net Worth

Ronnie Dean Coleman was born on May 13, 1964, in a middle-class family. Coleman did his graduation in B.Sc in Accounting from Grambling State University in the year 1984. While at the University for graduation he also played good American football. He married Rouaida Christine Achkar on December 28, 2007, in Lebanon but unfortunately, the marriage did not last long and they got split. Recently in 2016, Ronnie Coleman decided to marry his long time girlfriend Susan Williamson who is a gym trainer.


He became a police officer in the year 1989 and served himself in Arlington, Texas for 11 long years as an officer and further a reserve officer for the next three long years. His fellow officer recommended him to join The Metroflex gym where he was given a lifetime membership in return to training the owner himself. His success has got him various carrier opportunities such as promoting any specific product or inauguration of a new gym by making a special guest appearance only.

Awards & Achievements

Throughout his life, Ronnie Dean Coleman has got many awards and achieved massive achievements. In the year 1990, he won his first-ever bodybuilding title which was Mr. Texas. He has won Mr. Olympia title for eight consecutive years, which is the greatest title in bodybuilding. He first won the Mr. Olympia title in the year 1998 and kept going afterward until 2007 for eight consecutive years. Throughout his bodybuilding career, he has won various bodybuilding titles. Moreover, he broke the record for the most wins as an IFBB professional by breaking the previous record of 22.

Apart from these amazing achievements in bodybuilding, Coleman has a great career in filmography as well. Ronnie Coleman was first seen in “The First Training Video” in the year 1997 just seven years after winning his very first title that is Mr. Texas. Afterward, he did “The Unbelievable” (2000), “The Cost of Redemption” (2003), “Relentless” (2006), and recently in a super hit called “Invincible” (2008). He has been seen doing a cameo in various movies too. So he has an amazing career and achieved a lot throughout his life.

Net Worth of Ronnie Coleman

His career and achievements make him a man of value indeed and hence Ronnie Dean Coleman also known as Big Ron has an amazing net worth of $11 million and hence making him one of the World’s richest bodybuilders. Even just his guest’s appearance has value. He makes enough money just by his guest appearance in various gym inauguration in different countries which sums up to his aggregate net worth.

Ronnie Dean Coleman is also known as Big Ron has an amazing career. “He’s down to earth” nature and his hard work has paid off and hence making him one of the richest bodybuilders and moreover got him worldwide popularity. Coleman has worked as a police officer as well as a bodybuilder. He got his first breakthrough in the year 1990 when he was a police officer where one of his fellow officers asked him to attend The Metroflex gym.


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