Robert Fuller Net Worth

Robert Fuller is an American who is not only a horse rancher but also a former actor. Some of his roles before fame included those he played on Western programs, Teenage Thunder, and The Brain from Planet Arous. For the last two, it was in 1957. He became famous during the 1960s as well as the 1970s. That was through portraying characters such as Jess Harper in Laramie, Copper Smith in Wagon Train, and Dr. Kelly Brackett in Emergency! What is Robert Fuller’s net worth? Check it out!

Early Life

Robert Fuller Net Worth

Robert Fuller was born in 1933 on 29th July as Leonard Leroy Lee. His birthplace was Troy, New York. They left the Troy for Chicago, Illinois, but move to Florida a year later. He was born to Betty Simpson who was a dance instructor. His mom was the wife of a Naval Academy officer by the name Robert Simpson Jr. The couple owned a dancing school in Florida.

He studied in two schools for his high school studies namely Miami Military School and Key West High School. His dislike of school together with the poor performance made him fall out of school in 1948. He was only 14 at that time.

He became a married man on 20th December in 1962. His first wife was Patricia Lee Lyon. The two welcomed three children. Their names are Patricia Fuller, Christine Fuller as well as Robert Fuller Jr. The marriage ended in 1984. Patricia died the next year.

In 2001 on 19th May, he entered the second marriage. He got married to Jennifer Savidge who is also an actress. She is well-known for her appearance in St. Elsewhere. The two are still together.


His first job was as a stuntman in Hollywood, California. Then, he started working at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. In the beginning, he was a doorman. Nevertheless, by the time he was 18, he had become an Assistant Manager.

Initially, it was a small role after another for Robert Fuller. The very first one was in the Above and Beyond (1952). Others were in I Love Melvin and Gentlemen Prefer Blonds before he had a hiatus.

The break was between 1953 and 1955 when he came back from Korea. At that time Robert was serving in the Army on a tour of duty. After his return, he had other significant roles. He appeared in Markham, Bonanza, Return of the Seven, The Magnificent Seven, and Incident at Phantom Hill among others.

As a musician, he sang together with a band by the name Los Nomadas. He also has an LP which has most of its songs written in German.

Awards & Achievements

Robert Fuller was the winner of the Best Actor Award received from the Empress of Japan. That was at a festival held in Japan in 1961. Fuller is the first American to receive the same. Other awards include the Outstanding Service Award (1974), Golden Boot Award (1989), Silver Spur Award (2007), and Cowboy Lonestar Legacy Award (2013). He also received a bronze sculpture of Jess Harper on Traveler (2006). He earned a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Net Worth of Robert Fuller

Robert Fuller’s net worth is estimated to be around $6.5 million. His primary source of income was his acting career. He earned money by portraying various characters in both films and television series. The appearances have significantly contributed to his current wealth.

Robert Fuller is an award-winning retired actor. He realized that schooling was not his thing and decided to try something else. He was lucky because he not only had his parents’ support but he also turned out well. Two decades after his retirement, he is still remembered. He left a legacy no doubt.


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