Randy Meisner Net Worth

Randy Meisner is an American Musician, songwriter, and singer who is best known as one of the founding members of the Eagles and Poco. He is also among the writers who wrote the hit song titled Take It to the Limit sang by the Eagles. Now let’s have a close look on Randy Meisner’s net worth.

Early Life

Randy Meisner Net Worth

Randy Meisner was born in 1946 on 8th March to Herman and Emilie Meisner. His birthplace was Scottsbluff, Nebraska as the second child of the family.

His older sister who was known as Carol succumbed to her death in 2005. Also, his parents have long left the world. In their farm, the family grew alfalfa, sugar beets, beans, and corns.

He attended Scottsbluff High School.

In 1963, Meisner married Jennifer Lee Barton who was a high school girlfriend. That same year, the couple welcomed their firstborn and named Dana Scott Meisner in November. Later, they were blessed with twins named Heather Leigh as well as Erick Shane Meisner. The two were born in May 1970. The couple divorced in 1981.

Meisner remarried in November 1996. His second wife was called Lane Rae. They remained married until Rae died in 2016.


Between 1961 and 1965, Meisner was a member of a local band known as The Dynamics through the name later changed to The Drivin Dynamics. He was their bassist but sang at the same time. Some of the songs include So Fine and One Of These Days. He has been the singing lead in the two songs mentioned above.

He left for California in 1966. There he joined the band The Soul Survives now known as The Poor. He wrote a song named Come Back Baby for the group.

In May 1968, he, Jim Messina and Richie Furay joined another band by the name Poco. Its first album was titled Picking Up the Pieces. He left the group even before it was released.

The following year, he joined another band belonging to Rick Nelson. The name of the group is Stone Canyon Band. Other members of The Poor that were hired were Pat Shanahan and guitarist Allen Kemp. Another one of Buck Owens band known as Tom Brumley who was a pedal steel guitarist completed the band. He has appeared Rudy The Fifth, Concert at The Troubador as well as a documentary of their four titled easily to Be Free.

He helped Nelson write one of his tracks I Wanna Be With You of the album Garden Party. Randy was also a bassist on County Road and Blossom tracks of Sweet Baby James album of James Taylor.

Meisner went back to Nebraska in 1970. He would work with Frank implement during the day, and when night came, he would play with Gold Rush band. That same year he left for Los Angeles to continue his career.

During the mid-1971, John Boylan recruited him to join a roster of Linda Ronstadt. It was made up of backing musicians. They included Glenn Frey, Don’t Henley as well as Bernie Lesson.

All the three joined Meisner in 1997 and formed a new band which they named the Eagles. Randy was the lead vocal of the band songs such as Take The Devil certain Kind of Fool, Too Many Words, Saturday Night and Love Again. In addition to that he wrote songs for them which included Early Bird, Take it to the Limit and Is It True.

In 1978, he left the Eagles and debuted on his solo career. Among his albums and two eponymous ones. They were his debut album in 1978 and another one in 1982. Others include One More Song, When The Night Falls, Meisner, Swan &Rich;, Dallas and Love Me or Love Me Alone.

He also has released songs such as Deep Inside My Heart, Hearts On Fire and Never Been in Love.

Awards & Achievements

Meisner has won three Grammy Awards. He earned two in the 20th Annual Grammy Awards held in 1977 and the other in 1975.

Net Worth of Randy Meisner

Randy Meisner has an estimated net worth of $18 million. Randy’s source of income is both singing and songwriting career. Being a member of several bands, he together with his colleagues released various songs.

He also helped write the songs that the group would sing later. In addition to that, Meisner makes extra money from his albums. That is how he managed to accumulate his current wealth.

Meisner is a great singer. Many were the times when he would be the lead voice of the band. Randy has been a member of several groups which include The Poor, Gold Rush as well as the Eagles. Also, he has written most of their songs, especially for the Eagles. After that, Randy decided to start a solo career. He has a total of six albums.


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