Pauly Shore Net Worth

Paul Montgomery Pauly Shore who is well known for his stand-up comedy acts. Pauly Shore has acted in Hollywood films, done TV shows, written, directed, and produced films. He is also famous for performing his acts under the nickname “The Weasel”. Now let’s have a close look at Pauly Shore’s net worth.

Early Life

Pauly Shore Net Worth

Pauly Shore was born on 1st February 1968 to Sammy Shore and Mitzi Shore in California, USA. Both his parents were comedy actors and his mother ran the famous Comedy Store in Hollywood. Though initially started by his father Sammy Shore, the store became his mother’s property after his parents divorced.

Pauly has two brothers Peter and Scott and a sister Sandy. Recently, Pauly has been involved in a legal clash with his brother Peter over the ownership of the club Comedy Store.

Currently, single, 49 years old Pauly Shore has dated many celebrities like Kylie Minogue and Jillian Grace. Right now he is living in Los Angeles and taking care of his ailing mother who is suffering from Parkinson’s disease.


With comedy in blood, Pauly shore started doing standup comedy at a very early age. He performed on various shows with the nickname “The Weasel”.

Pauly attained fame as an MTV VJ in the 1990s. His most successful show Totally Pauly ran for 6 years from 1990 to 1995.

Pauly also acted in many Hollywood films like Encino Man, Son in Law, and In the Army now. Except for Encino man which was a modest hit, the rest of his films were big failures at the box office. Pauly also recorded music videos.

Pauly produced and directed films and television series. The most notable one was Pauly Shore is Dead, which he wrote, produced, directed, and acted in. This semi-autobiographical film, though a commercial failure got mixed reviews from the audience.

Awards & Achievements

In 1991 the college music journalists awarded Pauly Shore’s first music album The Future of America the Best Comedy Album. His second album titled Scraps from the Future was nominated for a best seller’s award by the National Association of Record Merchandisers.

He has also been nominated for an MTV movie award for his film Son in Law for Best Comedic Performance. Pauly shore has also won the Audience choice award in the Park City film festival in the year 2003.

Though not something he would be proud of, Pauly Shore has been nominated and awarded many Golden Raspberry awards, which include “Worst actor” and “Worst star”.

Net Worth of Pauly Shore

The net worth of Pauly Shore is currently estimated to be around $20 million. His major earnings have been from the various TV shows and movies he performed in. His film Pauly Shore is dead was also added to his earnings. He also profited from the sales of his music videos.

Currently, he is earning by performing in various stage shows and touring around the country.

His known assets include 4 bedroom house in Los Angeles which he has recently put on rent.

With a career spanning 30 years, Pauly shore has seen many ups and downs in life. Pauly’s mentor’s sudden demise and reducing the popularity of MTV are some factors that contributed to his mediocre performance in his career as an actor.

People also attribute his acting failures to his inability to separate himself from the on-stage character thus making himself repetitive and boring. Despite being criticized for his acts and rejected by the film community, Pauly continues to perform as a stand-up comedian in various stage shows.

Pauly Shore remains a comedian at heart entertaining people with his funny antics.


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