O. J. Simpson Net Worth

O. J. Simpson is a retired footballer, adverts person, journalist and an actor based in America. Aside from his career, he was also an abductor and an armed thief who killed his wife and her ally. He exploited his football talent during his school days and won many accolades including a scholarship to university.

He was jailed due to various crimes for ten years since 2007 up to this year where he was released in October. With all his good side and bad side, it’s on the interest of many to know more about Simpson’s net worth and how he acquired it throughout his career and after his retirement. Now let’s have a close look on O. J. Simpson’s net worth.

Early Life

O. J. Simpson Net Worth

Orenthal James Simpson (1947) aka OJ Simpson was born in California to his father, Jimmy Lee Simpson, a banker & a chef and his mother, Eunice, who moiled at a hospital. After his folks divorced in 1952, he was bred by his mother together with her three siblings (one of his sisters passed away) in San Francisco.

His career began in 1968, at the University of Southern California where he studied his education through a football scholarship and played for his school team.

Before murdering his second former wife, Nicole brown in 1994, Simpson had wedded his first wife, Marguerite Whitley in1967. The two got married as teens while Simpson was just a 19 year old and was blessed with 3 children namely, Arnelle Lashone(1968), Jason Lashone(1970) and their last born, Aaren(1977) who died two years later after his birth. He had two other children with his late wife; Sydney Brooke (1985) and Justin Ryan (1988).


O. J. Simpson career began when he was still in school wherein 1967 he led his university team to a championship, but he lost the Heisman trophy to his colleague, Gary. He continued with his determination and ensured that he championed the Walter Camp Awards. Besides football, he also competed in the athletics where he participated in the splint relay during the world record in 1967. He won the Heisman trophy the following year and emerged no.2 in the Ohio races.

In 1971, Simpson began his career in football skilfully where he only managed to get 622 yards per game. After their teams coach was changed Simpson became proficient and averaged 1,000 & 1,251 yards in 1973. Their team lost in the divisional match to Pittsburgh Steelers after scoring 32-14. In 1975, Simpson championed the rushing title leading their team to victory. Since then their team has won in many battles. Simpson retired from his football career in 1979.

He joined the movie industry while still playing where he also showed his talent in acting. Some of the debut films he has starred include; Here’s Lucy (1973), Killer Force (1976), Back To The Beach (1987), In The Heat Of The Night (1989), For Goodness Sake (1993), Frogman (1994), Jail (2011) among others.

Awards & Achievements

O. J. Simpson has been awarded severally due to his football career. Some of the awards he has received in summary are 5 Pro Bowl, being the Most Valuable & Athlete Of The Year, a Heisman trophy and other numerous, uncountable awards.

Net Worth of O. J. Simpson

O. J. Simpson net worth stands at $3 million. Most of his net worth income was realised from his football career and a few from his other profession. Through endorsements deals with brands like Hertz And Pioneer Chicken, he also increased his fortune. Venturing into real estate business and others, part of his net worth was generated from his Brentwood estate which earns him more than $1 million annually. Due to the divorce from his wives and other criminal offences, his net worth reduced to the current figures your reading.

During his days he was recognised for his football profession, but after his retirement, he changed his ways to be a bandit leading him to be jailed severally. All in all, we wish him all the best after his release a few months ago, and we hope he will change his ways.


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