Mike Lindell Net Worth

Famous American businessman Mike Lindell is famous as the CEO of My Pillow, Inc. The producer and co-founder of a Christian content Production Company LightBeamMedia. Keep reading to know more about Mike Lindell’s net worth.

Early Life

Mike Lindell Net Worth

Mike was born on 28th June 1961 in Mankato, Minnesota but was brought up in Chaska and Carver. He still lives there with his wife and four children.


Lindell started with some small businesses like carpet cleaning, raising pigs, a few bars and restaurants and carpet cleaning before My Pillow, Inc. But he got addicted to crack cocaine, and that caused his downfall. He lost a lot due to drugs. He lost his house, his 20-year marriage, and almost lost the MyPillow business.

But one day he promised to god and quit everything. He started Lindell Foundation, an organization to help the poor, to keep his promise. Usually, the addicted people get help from this organization. Mike is trying to spread the organization all across the country. The organization helped Hurricane Harvey victims in August 2017.

Mike met with Donald Trump in the Trump Tower in 2016. Trump suggested all his products to be made in America to help the inner cities and bring the jobs back to the people of USA. Mike liked the idea, and since that day he is one of the biggest supporters of Donald Trump. At the time of the election in 2016, Mike talked in many rallies in favor of the presidential candidate Trump.

Later in a meeting with 19 other corporate presidents and CEOs, Mike sat next to Trump and described the benefits of making products in the country which will help in the American economy.

He produced a documentary The Mike Lindell Story: An American Dream in 2017. It was made at the Pantages Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He produced some films too under the banner of LightBeamMedia. His first produced film was Thief on the Cross. His next movie was Youth Group, where he was seen acting too.

Awards & Achievements

Personally, Mike did not receive any awards but his company My Pillow, Inc. received a lot. They have been rewarded with Q-Star Award for Product Concept of the Year by OVC in the year 2013. The success story of My Pillow, Inc. has been described in Fox News, Star Tribune, The New York Times, and Imus in the Morning.

Net Worth of Mike Lindell

Mike has earned a lot from his business. His monthly average income is $1.3 million, and his yearly average income is $15 million. He donates some portion of his earning to Lindell Foundation to help the needy people. Right now the estimated net worth of Mike Lindell is $130 million.

The autobiography of Mike will be coming out at the end of 2017. His addiction to drugs and recovery will be mentioned there. All of his business details and how he started and achieved the position is mentioned in the book named “from the crack house to the White House.”


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