Michelle Obama Net Worth

Michelle Obama is a legal representative, and novelist. She held the position of First Lady of U.S. between the years 2009-2017. She is best known for being the 14th U.S. President, Barack Obama’s compassionate wife. Michelle turned several heads around with her advocacies on poverty and nourishment. Keep reading to know more about Michelle Obama’s net worth.

Early Life

Michelle Obama Net Worth

Michelle took up her husband’s surname after marriage. Her name before marriage was Michelle Robinson. She was born in the year 1964 on 17th January.

She spent her childhood in Chicago. Michelle went to Princeton University and since, Michelle was interested in pursuing Law, and she went to Harvard. Michelle came back to Chicago to work at a law firm. The firm was, ‘Sidley Austin’ Law Firm. This was when she was introduced to the pleasing personality, Barack Obama. She told her mother that she would focus on her career. Michelle never had any plans of dating Barack but she fell in love with him, and they got married in the year 1992. It was indeed a great decision because they are a powerful couple! The couple has two beautiful girls. Their relationship is very strong, and they have been together for long.

Everyone knows her as a supportive wife. She has always supported Obama’s political career. Do you know that she is the first African-American First Lady of the United States of America? She is always in the news for her fashionable outfits. Michelle is an inspiration for the ladies. Also, she is a fashionista!


Michelle went to Harvard Law School to earn a degree. She came back to her hometown and worked at a Law Firm. She met Barack at the firm but refused to date him because it was against her work ethics. She did not want to date her colleague as that would make the romantic equation improper. However, she still fell in love with him and left her job to pursue something different. While she was at the University of Chicago hospitals, her salary was greater than Barack’s salary.

Michelle wanted to devote her time to public service. She worked as Associate Dean at the University of Chicago. She had a flourishing career, but as her husband became the President of the United States, she gave up her career and supported her husband. She became the First Lady of the United States.

Awards & Achievement

Michelle is a graceful lady and Barack, and she is living a dreamy life together! She has supported Barack and kept her career at the backseat. She is a fashion icon because she wears the most elegant outfits. There is a charm about her! Her advocacies on poverty and nourishment have opened many eyes and ears!

She tackles many social issues and starts many campaigns. Her public health campaign called, ‘Let’s Move!’ turned several heads around. She has been featured in various magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Essence. Isn’t that the biggest achievement? She promised her mother that she would focus on her career! She kept the promise and concentrated on her career. She did fall in love, but she proved to be an excellent wife as well!

She married Barack in the year 1992, and they are still going strong!

Net Worth of Michelle Obama

Michelle has a whopping net worth of $12 million. The couple has invested a lot, and the investments have doubled over the years. Also, she has had a flourishing career as a legal representative and author. She has earned the net worth mainly because of her writing skills and her career as a lawyer. She was also working with the University of Chicago Hospitals where she earned a lot of money.

Michelle is a celebrated personality, and she continues to garner a lot of attention with her social awareness campaigns and style statement. She has two beautiful girls and continues to be a supportive wife. The couple has moved out of the White House, but they are living a happy life. She is truly an inspiration for all the women around the world!


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