Laurene Powell Jobs Net Worth

Laurene Powell Jobs is an American businesswoman and the founder of Emerson Collective who is probably famous as the widow of Apple founder, Steve Jobs. She also manages the Powell Job Trusts. Let’s find out how much is Laurene Powell Jobs’s net worth.

Early Life

Laurene Powell Jobs Net Worth

Lauren Powell was born on November 6, 1963, in West Milford, New Jersey. Names of her parents are not known, but she has two siblings, Brad Powell & Tracy Powell.

Laurene grew up and finished her schooling from New Jersey. Laurene was always a smart, intelligent and a straight “A” student in her high school days. In order to pursue her dream of becoming a successful person, she always gave first preference to her studies and worked hard to get into the universities of her dream.

After the high school, She did her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania. After working for a while, she then received her Master of Business Administration degree from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Once Steve Jobs came to visit the Stanford University and was giving a lecture, Laurene was sitting in the front row and started a conversation with Steve. After the lecture, Steve asked her out for dinner. Soon the friendship turned into dating, and after almost one and a half year, Steve and Laurene got married. Together, the couple has three kids, Reed, Erin and Eve.

Laurene’s happy married life came to an end when Steve Jobs died due to complications of neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer.


Before joining the business school, Laurene worked for Lynch Asset Management and spent three years at multinational finance company called Goldman Sachs. Laurene Powell Jobs is the co-founder of Terravera, a natural food company.

Laurene Powell Jobs is the co-founder and President of the board of directors of a nonprofit organisation, College Tracks. College Tracks is an organisation which helps unprivileged youth to go to college. Unlike her husband Steve Jobs who was not a big fan of charitable work, Laurene is a member of the boards of directors of charitable and community organisations.

In 2015, Laurene launched a $50 million project Called XQ, the super school project which aims to create a high school with a new approach towards the education. According to the reports, she spent in total $100 million for the project. She is also a founding member of the Climatic Leadership Council.

Laurene Powell Jobs also has stakes in NBA’s Washington Wizards and NHL’s Washington Capital.

Awards & Achievements

Laurene Powell Jobs didn’t receive any major awards. In 2016, Forbes named Laurene Powell Jobs, the Richest Woman in the Technology Industry. Even her family was ranked 44th by Forbes in the list of World’s Richest Billionaire Family.

Laurene biggest achievement would be, she has contributed a lot of her income to the welfare of the community. She has made a lot of donations to different high schools for the development and modernisation.

Net Worth of Laurene Powell Jobs

The estimated net worth of Laurene Powell Jobs is approximately $14.5 billion. Most of the people have this misunderstanding that majority of her net worth comes from her husband, Steve Jobs, i.e. the large stake in Apple she inherited from Steve.

Most of Laurene Powell Jobs’ money comes from her controlling stakes in two major companies, Apple and Walt Disney. Laurene owns the share of Disney that is worth more than $13 billion.

Laurene Powell Jobs, a successful businesswoman, a Philanthropist and widow of world famous Steve Jobs is someone who isn’t content to just sit on her wealth. Instead, she is giving it back to the community all over the world. She is one of the most generous donors in the world who has contributed to the lots of good causes around the globe.


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