L.A. Beast Net Worth

Kevin Strahle is an American based competitor eater. He has a Youtube channel named skippy62able with 2 million-plus subscribers and aggregate 307 million-plus channel views and still counting. He has eaten almost everything and has set various world records. He began his channel in Ridgewood, New Jersey, and then shifted to Los Angeles. In 2015 he brought back the Crystal Pepsi by a campaign. Here is a quick summary of L.A. Beast’s net worth.

Early Life

L.A. Beast Net Worth

Strahle was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey on January 6, 1984. At an early age, he loved to eat. He went to Ridgewood High School and got elected to the football team. While being part of the team, he developed an attitude of never giving up. He used to bet with his friends to fulfill any challenge and get paid. In Fordham University in New York, he was elected in the Fordham Rams football team. In 2008 he went to Los Angeles and started working at PepsiCo.


L.A. Beast started working at PepsiCo in 2008 and worked there for a couple of years and later decided to resign. L.A. Beast created his Youtube channel as skippy62able on 7 Aug 2010, and currently, the channel has 2 million-plus subscribers and over 307 million views on his channel and still counting. He posted his very first video doing a milk chugging challenge which got a great response from the viewers and hence he decided to continue his work. Currently, he has over 300 videos on his channel in 2018. His channel has been verified by Youtube and has a received Youtube gold button as well.

Awards & Achievements

He has set several records in eating. He is indeed a beast and has achieved many milestones. L.A. Beast has the world record for Most chicken nuggets eaten in 3 minutes(642.12 grams), breaking the previous record by Todd Fernley (531 grams), Most Bhut Jolokia chili peppers (Ghost Peppers) eaten in two minutes, Most powdered doughnuts eaten in three minutes, Fastest Time to Drink a 32 oz. Bottle of Maple Syrup, Fastest time to eat all chocolates from an advent calendar.

He has performed various eating, drinking and other stunts successfully such as A cluster of bananas and drinking two liters of Sprite, Two wooden pencils, 110 McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets, 50 cloves of raw garlic in four minutes, 5 light bulbs in under 10 minutes, A gallon of Habanero Tabasco sauce, A gallon of curdled milk and many more. He has uploaded all the videos of doing these stunts and has an endless number of likes and comments on them. He takes several challenges and finishes them off in style.

The net worth of L.A. Beast

His main source of earning is Youtube. His channel has over 307 million hits and 2 million-plus subscribers. His one video gets an average of 100,000 views. He posts at least 4-6 videos on his channel in a month. L.A. Beast has an estimated net worth of $750 thousand and increasing. He is very active on his channel and posts a lot of videos.

Strahle was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey. He was good at football and hence began playing for a few teams when he was young. Later he started working at PEPSICO. His main source of earning is Youtube. In 2010 he created his own Youtube channel, and currently, the channel has 2 million-plus subscribers and a huge fan following.


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