Kirsten Powers Net Worth

Kirsten Powers is an author, political analyst as well as a columnist, who is best recognized for her initial column which presented at The American Prospect. She is also famed for her many articles which were presented in Elle, USA Today, Salon, the New York Observer, and the Wall Street Journal. Let’s find out more about how much is Kirsten Powers’s net worth.

Early Life

Kirsten Powers Net Worth

Kirsten Powers was brought up as an Episcopalian. However, she has devoted the majority of her former adult life being an atheist. During her mid-30s, the columnist turned as an evangelical Christian.

She has briefly dated prior Congressman named Anthony Weiner in the year 2002 and stayed as her close friend after romantic relationship terminated.

She got married to Marty Makary, known as a Professor of Public Health working in Johns Hopkins University, in the year 2010; this couple took divorce in the year 2013. Last year, she declared her engagement to a fellow journalist named Robert Draper.


Kirsten Powers started off her career by initially supporting global healthcare, considering it as an ethical imperative to provide health care to every Americans. So, she primarily supported President Obama’s health care reform however later she transformed acute of its execution.

The columnist has bewailed that the laws caused in an expanding of costs as she considered that if she wishes to maintain the identical health insurance, it is about to cost double as much.

Later, she has opined that many persons who have actually been attached over through the law are rendered without insurance or through very costly insurance. She also settled along a Ron Fournier headline within National Journal entitled “Why I’m getting tired of defending Obamacare.”

She is against the “don’t ask, don’t tell” based policy featured on homosexuals working in the military, and she also supports civil unions intended for same-sex couples. Moreover, she too considers that churches must be left to carry out types of marriages which they want.

Powers also stood against the Fairness Doctrine, as well as a constitutional alteration to prohibit flag burning. This columnist even supports inclusive immigration reform and offering a way to nationality for undocumented migrants and supports gun control. Moreover, she too supports terminating Guantanamo Bay and moving its prisoners to federal jails.

Awards & Achievements:

Kirsten Powers’ great achievement is that many of her articles have appeared in top journals like Elle, USA Today, Salon, the New York Observer, and the Wall Street Journal. She considers her achievement in supporting the health care system.

Net Worth of Kirsten Powers:

Kirsten Powers has an estimated net worth of $25 Million as of 2017. She makes most of her income with her career as a political analyst, a columnist and she also worked as an author.

She owns excessive net worth which is in millions, and it is expected to rise. This journalist lives a perfect lifestyle and works what she can do the best.

As per an insider, this columnist was invited to recommence her agreement with the Fox news network however her reputation did not get ignored by America’s renowned CNN network as well as they have contracted her for over $950000 as her annual salary.

Afterwards, she has emerged as the Deputy Assistant U.S. trade Representative intended for public affairs within Clinton’s administration.

She presently writes for USA Today as well as she is an on-air political analyst working at CNN, wherein she regularly features on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper 360°, as well as The Lead with Jake Tapper.

Kirsten Powers’ political career has continuously perceived so much fashionable because of her many interactions conducted with the renowned political personalities globally.

Whether it was due to the unclean riddle or due to certain bad consequences, she made definite to arrive into the field to convey the spotlight on the darkness of field of politics and this is the reason why she selected media sector.


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