Kirk Franklin Net Worth

Kirk Franklin is an American entertainer with religious songs. Unlike many of American musician who leads bands, Kirk directs choirs. He is famous for compiling songs like The Family, One Nation Crew, and God’s Property. Now let’s have a close look on Kirk Franklin’s net worth.

Early Life

Kirk Franklin Net Worth

Kirk Dewayne Franklin was born in 1970, 26th January. His place of birth is Fort Worth at Texas in the United States of America. Franklin did not have a chance to enjoy with his family. His mother refused him when he was a baby to switch in Gertrude as his guardian. Gertrude and Franklin’s mother were sisters. Kirk’s aunt survived by collecting and reselling used cans made from aluminum. The business enabled her to gather some funds to take Kirk to piano school. He was only four years by then.

Kirk’s interest in music had an outstanding impact because he made it very well in class. He managed to write and read music.

At precisely the age of seven, Kirk had an offer of a contract which his guardian ignored. On reaching the age of twelve, Franklin joined those who were singing in the choir of Mt. Rose Baptist Church. The members gave him the responsibility of being the director.

Franklin despite having been abandoned by his mother was looked after in a firm believer’s home, and that is why he got chances to interact with church counterparts. The upbringing did not stop him from breaking away from the teachings of the church in his teenage years. Franklin’s grandmother saw him going astray and fetched a way of returning him on the track. She organized an audition with its roots in Local University that opened the door for Franklin to the University.

In the University his behaviors deteriorated to the extent of impregnating his girlfriend whose verdict was discontinuation of the course. Franklin was not exceptional and was shown the doors out of college.

Franklin went to Oscar Dean Wyatt High School with Jewell Kelly. After an extended period of neglecting his creator, Franklin had a thrilling expense when his friend was shot and died. The incidence returned Franklin to the church.


In 1992 Kirk gathered his talented area mates to form a choir which sang in seventeen voices. The choir exposed Franklin to Vicki. Vicki is the twin founder of a fast-moving record design whose name is GospoCentric. He was happy with Franklin thus agreed to work for the choir named Kirk & The Family. The group was later changed to Kirk Franklin & The Family.

In 1993 the choir had their best album called Kirk Franklin & The; Family which sold very well.

Kirk Franklin & The; Family Christmas was released in 1995 and was also like of many listeners.

Franklin released a Grammy award-winning album in 1996 by the name Whatcha Look 4.

In 1996 he sang the song Joy.

Kirk has excelled well in his career as a gospel singer despite ups and downs.

Awards & Achievements

Kirk has won several awards. They include 23 Stellar Awards, Urban Music award, 12 Grammy awards, 16 Dove Awards and 1 American Music Award among others.

Net Worth of Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin has an estimated net worth of around $8.5 million. His primary source of income is his music career. He has made money from the sales of his albums and heroes. Also, Kirk is a record producer. In addition to that, he directs music. All that is what has contributed to his current net worth.

Kirk Franklin is a gospel musician. Besides that, he is both an author and a choir director. His choirs include God’s Property, The Family as well as One Nation Crew. Franklin has won many awards because of his incredible performances.


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