Kim Basinger Net Worth

Kim Basinger is an actress and singer from the United States of America. She’s also a former model as she started modeling in the 70s in New York before moving to Los Angeles and going into the acting career. Let’s check out Kim Basinger’s net worth.

Early Life

Kim Basinger Net Worth

Kim was born as Kamila Ann Basinger on December 8, 1953, in Athens city in Georgia, United States. Her father Donald Wade Basinger was a United States Army soldier, loan manager and musician for a big band but he died in 2016, and her mother Ann Cordell was a swimmer, actress, and model but she also died in 2017.

Kim Basinger has 2 sisters, Ashley Basinger, and Barbara Basinger, and 2 brothers, Skip Basinger and Mick Basinger. She expressed herself as a very shy person during her youth days. Kim Basinger studied ballet when she was a child. Her beauty was clearly recognized as she entered several contests and won them. Kim Basinger briefly enrolled at the University of Georgia, and she took classes at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre.

For her personal life, Kim Basinger’s first marriage was from 1980 until 1989 to the makeup artist Ron Snyder. They met while working on a movie and they split in 1988. Kim Basinger’s second marriage was to the actor, comedian, producer, and writer Alec Baldwin. Kim and Alec also met while working on a movie, and they have 1 daughter together actress and model Ireland Baldwin. They split by the end of 2000, and they got divorced in 2002.

Kim Basinger also briefly dated the singer-songwriter and musician Prince, and she had an affair with the actor and human activist Richard Gere. Kim Basinger is currently in a relationship with hairstylist Mitchell Stone.


Kim Basinger was offered to model for the Ford Modeling Agency, she first turned the offer down in order to pursue school and singing and acting career, but she rethought it and accepted. After modeling for Ford, she appeared in numerous advertising and magazines, and she was known as the Breck Shampoo girl. Kim Basinger said that she never liked modeling. She performed at clubs at the Greenwich Village in New York City.

Following her modeling career and life in New York, Kim Basinger moved to Los Angeles to start her acting career. She first landed several guest appearances on TV series. Kim Basinger’s major debut movie role is considered in a drama titled “Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold.” Another early notable movie for her is the drama romance “Hard Country.”

Kim Basinger experienced huge success in the highest-grossing movie that she worked on “Batman,” the 1989 first installment of Warner Bros for the movie. Her most recent popular movies including crime thriller “The Sentinel,” crime “Even Money,” and the action crime movie “Cellular.”

Awards & Achievements

Kim Basinger has won many awards throughout her career. She won the Oscars “Academy Award” for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “L.A. Confidential,” among many awards.

Net Worth of Kim Basinger

The actress, singer, and former model Kim Basinger’s net worth is $40 million. She earned her tens of millions fortune from the great work she’s been doing in acting, and from her previous modeling work. Kim Basinger used to earn $1 thousand per day from modeling, and her salary for “L.A. Confidential” movie was around $3 million.

Kim Basinger is one of the most talented actresses, who has more than 55 credited acting roles in both movies and series. She won the Oscars for her role in “L.A. Confidential,” and her most commercially successful movie is “Batman.” Kim Basinger currently seems happy in her relationship with Mitch Stone.


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