Keith Sweat Net Worth

Keith Sweat is known as R&B and soul singer, a songwriter, an actor, radio personality, record producer, as well as a trendsetter of new jack swing. He is best recognized for scoring a string of top 100 hits during the peak of his career. Now let’s have a close look at Keith Sweat’s net worth.

Early Life

Keith Sweat Net Worth

Keith Sweat was born in the year 1961 to Juanita Thompson and Charles Sweat. His birthplace is Harlem, situated in New York. Juanita was a hairdresser, whereas Charles was a factory employee. It is known that Juanita brought up their five offsprings single-handedly after the demise of Charles.

He has served as a night stock boy in Macy’s and later worked as a mailroom clerk in Paine Webber. In only four years he has managed to get brokerage assistant job right on the New York Stock Exchange. Also, he has earned well as an administrator for the New York Mercantile Exchange.

From the period of 1992 till 2002, he got was married to The Real Housewives of Atlanta based celeb, i.e., Lisa Wu Hartwell. This couple has two sons namely, Jordan and Justin. Moreover, he too has three daughters, one of them with Tracy J.


Keith Sweat started off his career in the field of music by being a subordinate of a Harlem based band termed as Jamilah in the year 1975.

By the assistance of Jamilah, he was accomplished to enhance his skill as a leading singer through performing locally all over the Tri-State region of New York, New Jersey as well as Connecticut.

After he has left that group in the year 1984 for starting a solo career, this singer has sung at nightclubs all over New York City and obtained a chance for recording for an independent label named Stadium Records

Afterward, in the year 1987, he was found out by Vincent Davis and provided a recording deal with his label named Vintertainment Records, the one which was started in the year 1983 on bases of early Hip-Hop and else greatest identified for launching Joeski Love’s “Pee Wee’s Dance” during the year 1985.

In the year 1992, the singer has found out a group named Silk and assisted craft its debut album entitled Lose Control, and it has hit #7 on popular Billboard 200 album chart.

He too launched his fourth album entitled Get Up on It during the year 1994, as well as his self-titled type fifth album during the year 1996.

Sweat has too created R&B supergroup named LSG with Johnny Gill and Gerald Levert and has launched their self-titled type debut entitled Levert.Sweat.Gill during the year 1997.

Awards & Achievements:

Keith Sweat has won the Soultrain Lifetime Achievement Award in the year 2013. It is found that song derived from his solo studio album entitled Make It Last Forever, got nominated for 1989 Soul Train Best R&B/Urban Contemporary Song of the Year award.

Net Worth of Keith Sweat

Keith Sweat has an estimated net worth of -$250 thousand. He makes his fortune from being a singer as well as a songwriter mainly though he also earned being an actor and record producer.

Right from his start of the career as a member of a group named “Jamilah” during the mid-70s, he began earning well. Later, he turned as a solo artist in the year 1984.

Regrettably, Keith has to run to several financial concerns in the past several years. He was prosecuted by a mortgage firm for being incapable of funding payments on a home located in Detroit.

This mortgage company was ultimately offered $250,000 in the form of damages which it actually has yet to gather. That company is presently trying to garnish Sweat’s salaries and obtain a lien on his other properties.

Keith Sweat possesses skills in the field of acting, singing, record producing, etc., however, he is major acclaimed for being a singer. This singer’s greatest successful years were derived from the late 80s till mid-90s, and in this time he has actually scored a series of top 100 hits.


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