Jon Gosselin Net Worth

Jonathan Keith Gosselin is a well known American television personality, who He is best recognized for appearing on a reality TV show called, ‘Jon & Kate plus 8’. He has also co-written a book, ‘Multiple Blessings’ with his ex-wife. It released in the year 2008. The couple is known for having sextuplets. It is a condition when six children are born in a go! Let’s find out how much is Jon Gosselin’s net worth.

Early Life

Jon Gosselin Net Worth

Jonathan Keith Gosselin was born in 1977 on 1st April to Thomas Gosselin and Pamela Castello. He was born and raised in Pennsylvania. His parents had three children and Jon was the middle one. His father was a pediatric dentist and he died in the year 2005.

He finished his schooling at Wyomissing High School, Pennsylvania. He has been married once. He met Kate in the year 1997. It was a company picnic. It took two years for them to decide that they wanted to get married. In the year 1999, they got married and had their first twins in the year 2000. In the year 2004, they had sextuplets. Kate gave birth to three sons and three daughters. In total, they have eight children!

The couple got divorced. According to sources, the reason was infidelity. Jon was dating his wife’s plastic surgeon’s daughter. This could be the cause of divorce. After the divorce, the show’s name changed to, ‘Kate Plus 8’. It was on air till 2011.


The couple got a lot of media coverage after they had sextuplets. It is indeed an achievement!

Jon and Kate gained popularity after they appeared on the reality TV show, ‘Jon & Kate plus 8’. The title is self-explanatory as they have eight children. It was Discovery Health, which offered them a special show. It was called, ‘Sextuplets and Twins’ which was aired in the year 2009. After one year, another special series was aired. It was called, ‘Sextuplets and Twins – One Year Later.’

The family started filming for the show, Jon and Kate plus 8. They started receiving payment for appearing on the show. Jon Gosselin, Beth Carson, and Kate Gosselin wrote the book, ‘Multiple blessings’.

Awards & Achievements

Jon Gosselin co-wrote the book called, Multiple Blessings, along with Kate and Beth Carson. It was about his twin daughters and the sextuplets. The book made its way to the New York Times Best Sellers list. If you ask us then it is a great achievement to have six babies all at once! This condition is rare but it is possible. Jon & Kate plus 8 shows gained a lot of popularity and people loved watching their family!

Net Worth of Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin has an estimated net worth of $100 thousand. He appeared in 108 episodes of Jon & Kate plus 8. After the divorce, Kate took most of the money to rear the 8 children. However, Jon did try to invest in some business opportunities such as a show of his own and a fashion line. Unfortunately, it did not work out for him! Since then, he has been doing part-time jobs and does not have a stable income.

Jon Gosselin was a popular American TV personality and now he works as a DJ. Sources say that he was about to appear as a stripper in Atlantic City. Kate and Jon got divorced long back and they are no longer together. In the year 2011, he was installing solar panels. In 2013, he was working as a waiter in Pennsylvania. He started working as a DJ post-2015. He gets about 15 gigs in a month and earns a decent amount. Life is not the same for him anymore!


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