Johnny Crawford Net Worth

Johnny Crawford is a character actor from the USA who started his career as a child actor. He is a musician and singer and has released many singles. His popular singles are “Cindy’s Birthday”, “Your Nose Is Gonna Grow”, “Cindy’s Gonna Cry”, and “Everyone Should Have a Dream”. Crawford became popular for portraying the role of Mark McCain in the television series ‘The Rifleman’ on ABC. Here is a quick summary of Johnny Crawford’s net worth.

Early Life

Johnny Crawford Net Worth

John Ernest “Johnny” Crawford is the son of Robert Lawrence and Betty Crawford. He was born on 26 March 1946, in Los Angeles, California.

Chuck Connors is his surrogate father. He was influenced by Connors and was also his acting mentor.

In 1995, Johnny Crawford got married to Charlotte Samco. She was his high school sweetheart and they got reconnected in 1990. They are now separated. In the early 70s, he was in a relationship with Sharon Tate’s sister, Debra Tate.

Crawford played an important role in shaping the career of Victoria Jackson. It was he, who encouraged Jackson for a career in Hollywood. He was known to have a very strong bond with Chuck Connors


In 1955, Johnny Crawford was chosen to be in ‘Mouseketeers’ by the Walt Disney Company. However, he got released from the contract. In 1956, he was seen in ‘Little Boy Lost’, Lux Video Theatre production on NBC. That same year, he was seen in the TV series called ‘The Lone Ranger’.

He then worked with many directors and actors. In over two years, he had almost sixty television credits. Crawford has guest appeared in shows like ‘The Loretta Young Show’, ‘Sheriff of Cochise’, ‘Matinee Theatre’, ‘Mr. Adams and Eve’, ‘Wagon Train’, ‘Crossroads’, ‘Whirlybirds’, and ‘Dick Powell’s Zane Grey Theater’.

From 1958 to 1963, Crawford was seen in ‘The Rifleman’ as Mark McCain. In the 1960s, he was seen in ‘The Donna Reed Show’, ‘Mr. Novak’, and ‘Mr. Ed’. In films, he was seen in the 1965 movie ‘Paint’.

Also, in 1965, he starred in the movie ‘The Restless Ones’. This was followed by starring in ‘El Dorado’. He was enlisted in the U.S. Army for two years and was honorably discharged in 1967.

In 1968, he appeared in an episode of ‘Hawaii Five-O’. He was seen in the short movie ‘The Resurrection of Broncho Billy’ in 1970.

As a singer, Crawford has released many hit singles. Some of these include “Your Love Is Growing Cold”, “Cry On My Shoulder”, “Cindy’s Gonna Cry”, and “Everyone Should own a Dream”. He has released the albums ‘The Captivating Johnny Crawford’, ‘Rumors’, and ‘A Young Man’s Fancy’.

Awards & Achievements

Johnny Crawford has successfully started his career as a child actor and went on to appear in many movies. In 1959, he was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Awards for his role in ‘The Rifleman’. At the 2005 Golden Boot Awards, he won the awards of Kids of the West and Golden Boot.

Net Worth of Johnny Crawford

The estimated net worth of Johnny Crawford is more than $1.5 million. Although he appeared in films and television in brief roles, he made quite an impression on the entertainment industry. He has appeared in many movies and has starred with popular actors. He has also released many hit singles that appeared on the Billboard charts. Johnny Crawford has led a vintage dance orchestra which has won many Art Directors Guild Awards. He has also starred in ‘Murder, She Wrote’ and ‘Little House on the Prairie’.

Johnny Crawford is one of the most famous character actors in the world. He began his career at an early age and starred in many TV shows and movies. He has been a popular name in the 1960s for his songs. He was active in his profession until 1996.


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