John Romero Net Worth

John Romero is an American based director, programmer, designer, and developer within the video game industry, who is best recognized for being a co-founder of id Software as well as the designer for several of its games, like Dangerous Dave, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Hexen, and Quake. Now let’s have a close look at John Romero’s net worth.

Early Life

John Romero Net Worth

John Romero was born in the year 1967. Right from his initial influences, the director credited Namco’s maze chase type arcade game termed as Pac-Man as the title which placed great influence during his career. Moreover, he too mentioned Nasir Gebelli by Sirius Software in the form of his preferred programmer.

His other inspiration is his 3D programming works done made for Apple II games, viz. shooters Horizon V and also Zenith, on his following work done in id Software. Besides, he too started his other influence a programmer named Bill Budge.


John Romero started off his career when his early issued game known as Scout Search got featured in the issue of June of 1984 through inCider magazine, identified as a famous Apple II magazine during the 1980s.

This director’s famous company known as Capitol Ideas Software got registered as a developer for 12 of his early distributed games. Moreover, he has captured December related cover made for the Apple II magazine known as Nibble for around three following years right from the year 1987.

Romero’s former industrial job was done at Origin Systems in the year 1987 post programming of games for a total of 8 years. Also, he functioned on Apple II to Commodore 64 port of 2400 A.D., which was lastly fought due to weak sales of the Apple II version.

Later, he relocated to Space Rogue, identified as a game developed by Paul Neurath. Meanwhile, he was actually requested whether he will be good at associating with Paul’s company known as Blue Sky Productions, lastly renamed as Looking Glass Technologies.

Inform of an alternative; this director has left Origin Systems with the purpose to establish a new game company known by the name Inside Out Software. In that, he has ported Might & Magic II from the Apple II towards the Commodore 64.

Other than that, this director even functioned in id Software since the start in the year 1991 till 1996. Besides, he got involved in the creation of varied milestone games, viz. Wolfenstein 3D, Commander Keen, Doom and Quake and Doom II: Hell on Earth.

Romero too functioned in the form of executive producer and also as game designer represented on Heretic and Hexen. The post he stayed as co-founder of Ion Storm inside Dallas, Texas through id co-worker known as Tom Hall, wherein he designed and also produced Daikatana.

Awards & Achievements

John Romero has won the year 2017 Development Legend Awarded at Develop: Brighton. IN the year 2012, he has won Apple II Forever Award which was awarded at KansasFest to associates of the Apple II community who did important offerings to the Apple II.

Net Worth of John Romero

John Romero has an estimated net worth of $20 million. He makes most of his income with his career as a director, programmer, designer, and developer inside the video game industry.

It is revealed that his wealth comes mainly from his video games. The previous year, this director’s net worth was estimated to be around $17.5 million. Besides, his income is high as he worked as co-founder of id Software, in partnership with Adrian Carmack, John Carmack, and Tom Hall.

Apart from that, he earned well by being a co-founder of a computer game company known as Ion Storm, in partnership with Tom Hall, Jerry O’Flaherty, and Todd Porter during the year 1996.

John Romero is one of those designers who got global fame for working as a designer for many video games of the software company which he has co-founded. He is good at computer programming skills and has undergone many software development works.


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