John Ramsey Net Worth

Every family has a mysterious story that makes them interesting and famous and so has the Ramsey family. John Bennett Ramsey is a graduate of Michigan University and has served in the past as a Civil Engineers Corps Officer for 3 years in the Philippines and for 8 years in Atlanta. Now let’s have a closer look at the Net worth.

Early Life

John Ramsey Net Worth

John Ramsey was born in the winters of 1943 to Mary Jane and James Dudley Ramsey, who was a World War II veteran. John is an alumni of the Michigan State University. After graduation, he became a part of the U.S. Navy in the year 1966.

It was in 1966 that John Ramsey married for the first time with Lucinda Pasch. The couple was blessed with three children over the span of 12 years before parting ways in 1978. His firstborn daughter, Elizabeth, met a fatal car accident in 1992 and died at the mere age of 22. 2 years after divorcing his first wife, John married Patricia Paugh. Patricia added two other lovely angels to his life, Burke and JonBenét. However, this time again, he couldn’t enjoy his love life to his fullest, as Patricia succumbed to ovarian cancer in the year 2006. It was after Patricia’s death that John met Beth Holloway at a fundraiser program, and a mutual feeling of affection developed between them. Though John later clarified his relationship with Beth as that of a friendship. As of now, John is married to his third wife, Jan Rousseaux. He married Jan, in 2011.


John Ramsey began his career in the Navy and served in places, Philippines, and Atlanta for a considerable period of time. Later, in 1989, he formed the ‘Advanced Product Group’, which later merged with 3 other companies to form ‘Access Graphics’. Access Graphics was a Computer Services Company that was a subsidiary of ‘Lockheed Martin’ and John Ramsey served as the President and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the company.

It was in 1996, that Access Graphics was at its peak and had grossed over $1 billion and earned John Ramsey the “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Boulder Chamber of Commerce. It was after the murder of his daughter, JonBenét that he was temporarily replaced, as the company didn’t want to bother him in his hard time. John left the job at the earliest and settled with his family in Michigan where he joined another company.

In 2004, John Ramsey decided to give politics a try when he contested for the Michigan’s House Representative. He garnered about 23.4% of the votes and finished second to Kevin Elsenheimer.

Awards and Achievements

John Ramsey was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year in 1996 by Boulder Chamber of Commerce, for his exquisite display of skills and talent for the Access Graphics.

Net Worth of John Ramsey

In a report of 1996, John Ramsey reported having a net worth of $6.4 million. He claims that he lost most of his assets due to his endurance of years of obloquy for the case of his daughter, JonBenét, and the ensuing investigation and cost. He also claims that the case made it very difficult for him to find a good job. Despite all this, John Ramsey owns two planes and holds a plane license as well.

John Ramsey is quite an extraordinary guy who served the nation and then switched to serving his own self. He was one of the best Entrepreneurs of his time and made sure that he devoted himself completely to his work.


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