John McAfee Net Worth

John McAfee, The British American businessman, computer programmer, and the founder of McAfee Associates is someone who saw he net worth fall from a $100 Million at one time. Now let’s have a close look at John McAfee’s net worth.

Early Life

John McAfee Net Worth

Born as John David McAfee in the year 1945 on the 18th of September in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. His father was in the American Army base stationed in the UK, and his mother was of British origin. He was raised in Virginia and went to Roanoke College to pursue his bachelor degree. He graduated with a major in Mathematics in the year 1967. The college also awarded McAfee with an honorary doctorate in science, in the year 2008.

He became popular after developing the first ever market ready anti-virus program that could be sold commercially. And according to him, this was also what made him one of the top targets of hackers across the globe. This made him ask other people to purchase his computer equipment, keep on changing his IP address on multiple occasions in a single day, and using pseudonyms for logging in.

He is married to Janice Dyson, is an active practitioner of yoga, and has also written several books on it, along with teaching it. He lived in Belize for several years, before his Orange Walk Town property was raided by the Belize Police on charges of unlicensed manufacturing of drugs, along with possessing unlicensed weapons. After struggling for years and losing out a lot of his wealth, he finally moved to America.


McAfee started his career by working with NASA as a programmer from 1968 to 1970. He then kept on changing companies while working as a software engineer. He became a part of Computer Sciences Corporation in 1978 and also worked for Booz Allen Hamilton. When he was employed by Lockheed, he gained access to a brain-computer virus copy; this enabled him to develop a software that could combat the computer virus.

In 1978 McAfee founded his own company, McAfee Associates that provided anti-virus software for computers. The company initially maintained operations from his residence at Santa Clara, California. In 1992 it moved to Delaware, and by 1994, McAfee left the company by submitting his resignation, he also went on to sell the stakes of the company that was in his possession.

After not being associated with McAfee Associates, he developed companies like ‘Tribal Voice,’ and ‘PowWow’ along with working at Zone Labs as one of the members of the board of directors. His company McAfee Associates was bought by Intel in 2011, thus being renamed as ‘Intel Security.’

McAfee was also a part of the American Political circle; he even sought for a nomination from the Libertarian Party as the President of the USA in 2016 elections. He, however, lost to Gary Johnson the Governor of New Mexico.

Awards & Achievement

The greatest award that McAfee has received in his career is the title of becoming the developer of the first-ever anti-virus software for computers available for commercial use. And even after giving the world something so useful, he was himself the prime target of hackers. He also faced a lot of trouble regarding his property in Belize.

Net Worth of John McAfee

Since McAfee has been a part of multiple companies and organizations in his life, he enjoyed a wealth of around $100 Million at one time. However, as God wills, he ended up losing a large part of his wealth in the global financial crisis. Today his net worth is just $4 million.

McAfee is one of those people who has not just seen success in life, but also a great downfall. He has faced multiple hardships in terms of losing his wealth as well as a house. However, this still did not make him lose his spirit.


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