John Madden Net Worth

John Madden is a former US football player who was also a professional football coach and sportscaster. He was a player in the Philadelphia Eagles and had to retire early because of his knee injury that happened in a training camp which did not give him a chance to play professionally. Here is a quick summary of John Madden’s net worth.

Early Life

John Madden Net Worth

John Madden was born in Austin, Minnesota. His father Earl Russell Madden was an auto mechanic. He is happily married to his wife, Virginia Fields. They live in Pleasanton located in California. They have two sons Michael and Joseph. They are currently attending college while maintaining a football career in respective colleges.


Madden loved football from is School years. He was a football star at his school, and the passion landed him a spot in Philadelphia Eagles. The Philadelphia Eagles drafted him in the 21st round out the total of 244, but a bad knee injury that made him end his football career.

But Madden wasn’t done yet; he took on the stream of teaching to quench his love for the sport. He became the assistant coach at a college in Santa Maria, the Allan Hancock College. By 1962, he became the head coach at the same college

In 1963, he dawned on the role of defense assistant coach for San Diego State. Seeing the success that Madden brings to the team, he was hired to coach AFL’s Oakland Raiders. The joined the Raiders in 1967. Under Madden, the raiders saw huge success, which actually gave Madden the status of a coaching legend.

When Madden retired, he was the youngest coach to reach 100 regular-season victories, plus he is the still-standing coach of raiders with the highest wins.

Then again, Madden was not ready to take a break from sports, nor did his fans wanted him to!

He then worked as a color commentator for NFL games. His service was bought by all four major American television networks like the CBS Sports, Fox Sports, ABC Sports, and NBC Sports.

His commenting style impressed the viewers as he added his own flair to the words. Using words like “Boom,” “Bang” and “Whap,” he trilled the audience and became one among the famous NFL color Commentators of all time. To stand witness to this statement, Madden has won fourteen Sports Emmy awards in the category of Outstanding Sports Event Analyst.

At this point in his life, John Madden was earning an average of $5 million per year.

Another interesting quality of Madden is his fear of flying. Madden doesn’t fly on any type of aircraft as he either takes his private bus or any other transport.

Awards & Achievements

He won the Super Bowl X I as the head coach of the raiders. He was the winner of the Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award. In 2016, he was listed in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and he ranked second in the list of Top 50 All-Time Network Sports Television Announcers. He was also the inductee of the NSSA Hall of Fame (2010). He has garret 16 Emmy awards for his excellence in sports commentary.

The net worth of John Madden

John Madden has a net worth of about $200 million. He used to earn $5 million per year when he was commentating as a color commentator. The majority of his wealth doesn’t come from his commentating career in NFL or the time he was a coach.

It comes from the critically acclaimed video game Madden NFL, created by EA Games. It has sold more than 430 million copies worldwide. John Madden lends his voice to the video game commentary and also helps in creative input.
He still is a part of NFL video games and an active promoter and a genuine fan of Football!


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