Joe Giudice Net Worth

What really happens in the entertainment industry? Are celebrities loyal to their spouses? Do they go crazy about making money that they can commit any type of crime? Well, it does put doubt in our mind and then we look at Joe Giudice, who rose to fame after marrying Teresa Giudice. Joe Giudice is a television personality, who is known for all the wrong reasons.

The ‘so-called’ personality has been arrested for drunk driving and fraud. Sadly, none of his business models worked for him and Joe spent most of his later life in jail. Let us take a look at his net worth.

Early Life

Joe Giudice Net Worth

Joe Giudice was born as Giuseppe Joe Guidice in the year 1972 on 22nd May. Giuseppe comes from Saronno, Italy and he has a brother and a sister. When Joe was just one year old, his parents got him to New Jersey and they lived there for the rest of their life. Well, Joe has worked as a restaurant owner and he was a construction builder as well.

The couple, Joe and Teresa married in the year 1999 and since then, they have been together. They were high school friends and once the flame of love was ignited, the two of them got hitched! However, Joe is considered to be an ill-tempered person. He has cheated on Teresa and had also called her names in the public arena. Joe was arrested for drunk driving and his driving license was ceased as well.

They have four children and as per news, they are still going strong. However, the couple has been in the news for the wrong reasons. The famous couple was accused of mail, bank, and wire fraud. In fact, they were sentenced to jail for many months.

Teresa was sentenced to jail for 15 months and Joe was sentenced for 41 months. The reality couple have had a tough life after the fraud case. They dug up a grave for themselves and fell into it. Since they lived a lavish lifestyle, they would pay for groceries, clothes, and other luxuries using a credit card.


Joe Giudice is known for being the husband of a television star, Teresa Giudice. Before becoming a famous television personality, Joe was a construction builder and restaurant owner.

Joe Giudice made a television appearance in the show, ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’. The show aired in the year 2009 and went on till 2010. Joe’s next appearance was in the show, ‘The Apprentice’. The television personality made some money with appearances in these shows but his lavish lifestyle ruined him.

Apart from television appearances, Joe’s main income came from a private construction company. In fact, in the year 2010, he opened a pizzeria. It was not successful and it has been told that he depended on his wife for money.

Awards & Achievements

Joe Giudice does not have a clean track record. He has been arrested for drunk driving and fraud. The television personality spent a lot of time in prison. The couple dug up a grave and now they are suffering. There have been no achievements and awards for them!

Net Worth of Joe Giudice

Let us take a quick look at Joe Giudice’s net worth. How much money has he earned in all these years?
Joe Giudice has a net worth of $12.5 million and he is best known for being married to Teresa Giudice. We wonder if he still has the money because Joe and Teresa were in deep debt. Since they were arrested for fraud, they had to pay a certain amount as well.

Well, we do not believe that they would be back on television because of their ill track record. Firstly, they need to pay all their dues and then think of some business plan!


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