Jimmie Walker Net Worth

Jimmie Walker who is officially known as James Carter Walker Jr is a comedian and actor. This American celebrity is popularly known for starring as James Evans Jr and Sr in a television series which ran from 1974 to 1979. His popularity also grew due to his Golden Globe Awards nominations. Walker is a big fan of comedic tours where he moves around the country and speaks out his comedy. Read on to understand the personal life, career, and most importantly Jimmie Walker’s net worth.

Early Life

Jimmie Walker Net Worth

James Carter Walker Jr was born in 1947, 25th June. His place of birth is The Bronx, New York City, United States of America. He went to Theodore Roosevelt High School through a program, Search for Education Evaluation and Knowledge. He then continued studying and ventured into the radio engineering department.

Jimmie at some point served in the Yankee Stadium as a vendor. He was once given a silver dollar which he still owns when he was young by Mickey Mantle. Jimmie was a good friend of the future Yankee stadium manager, Gary Cohen. He has had many girlfriends but has never married any of them nor fathered any kids.

Jimmie Walker has announced several times that he never supported Barack Obama’s presidency in any of the two elections. He criticized Barack Obama’s decision to support gay marriage in America. Recently, rumors have it that Jimmie was having a romantic relationship with a famous author, Ann Coulter. They cleared up the doubts and confirmed they were just friends. In the recent general election, Jimmie Walker openly told the public that he was supporting the current American president, Donald Trump.


Jimmie Walker’s career kicked off in 1967 where he served the WRVR, Riverside Church radio station. Two years later, Jimmie started performing as a comedian. His real breakthrough was when Good Times director discovered his ability. That was after he appeared in Jack Paar Show and Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-in. Later he was able to come up with a whole album stand-up comedy. Walker’s time in Good Times boosted his popularity to the maximum. He credits John Rich, a director, and producer for his achievements.

Walker’s colleagues Esther Rolle and Amos did not like his role and disapproved of his growing popularity. Later Amos and Rolle left the show, and he became the starring. Jimmie worked in several stations and shows. He also guest-starred in numerous films such as Son of the Beach, The Love Boat, The Fall Guy, Shrubs, and others. Due to his experiences in different films, Jimmie got a chance to meet famous actors, actresses, directors, and producers. His popularity also grew rapidly over the years. Walker in the recent past announced the launching of his sole app on iOS.

Awards and Achievements

Jimmie Walker has received two golden globe awards. He has also achieved a lot in both the filming industry and comedy. His comedic tours are highly appreciated in America by millions of people. Jimmie Walker has also appeared in multiple television series that have boosted his net worth.

Net Worth of Jimmie Walker

Jimmie Walker’s net worth is $1.5 million. This net worth has been amassed through his filming work and his comedic businesses. He has been active in both departments for over four decades and has done pretty amazingly. That has boosted his current net worth.

People do not determine who you will be and how far you will reach. Jimmie Walker received critics from his other colleagues, but he kept pressing hard to achieve his dreams. Walker’s determination and will never give up is what millions of people love about him.


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