Jesse James Net Worth

Jesse Gregory James is a famous television personality and custom bike builder. An entrepreneur is venturing into businesses ranging from bikes and cars to clothes and burgers, Jesse James shot to international fame after appearing on TV shows Motorcycle Mania and Monster Garage. Keep reading to know more about Jesse James’s net worth.

Early Life

Jesse James Net Worth

Born on April 19, 1969, in California, USA, Jesse James is the youngest son of Carol and Larry James. Jesse’s father ran an antique shop in Long Beach, California. Though there have been claims of Jesse James is related to the infamous outlaw of the 19th century, no proof of it has been found yet.

Jesse James has been married four times, having two children from his first marriage with Karla James and a daughter from his second marriage with Janine Lindemulder. His third marriage was with the famous Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock. He recently married a fourth time to Alexis DeJoria, daughter of a famous billionaire John Paul DeJoria.

Currently, Jesse James is residing in Austin, Texas with his fourth wife and running a business of firearms.


James dreamt of becoming a professional footballer and was also part of his college football team. But following an injury, his dream ended.

Next, James started his career as a bodyguard for various music bands like Danzig, Slayer, and Soundgarden. But this career also ended abruptly after he suffered an elbow injury during work.

James has always been fascinated with motorcycles from an early age. He transformed his childhood hobby into a business venture when he started his West Coast Choppers business. He worked hard to build motorcycles from scratch.

The business didn’t pay off initially, but after Discovery Channel made a film on West Coast Choppers, James became famous as a custom bike builder. He got various celebrity clients like Shaquille Neal and Keanu Reeves.

Later on, James established his own production company Payupsucker and hosted some TV shows like Monster Garage, History of the Choppers, and Jesse James is a Dead Man.

James has also ventured into other businesses like Cisco burger restaurant, Jesse clothing line, and garage magazine. Currently, he is running a firearms business, and a scaled-down West coast choppers company in Austin, Texas. He also pursues off-road desert racing as his hobby.

Awards & Achievements

Jesse James’ biggest achievement has been the establishment of West Coast Choppers. As its CEO, James got a lot of national and international fame.

Jesse James appeared in NBC Celebrity apprentice in 2009 and won the third place. In 2011 James also secured the 7th position in the 44th SCORE Baja 1000 race which is a legendary desert race.

Net Worth of Jesse James

Jesse James’ net worth has been estimated to be around $110 million. His main source of income has been from his custom bike business West Coast Choppers (valued at $200 million) and custom firearms business Jesse James firearms unlimited.

Another source of income for James is television. He has appeared on various Reality TV shows and produces various TV shows through his own production company Payupsucker.

On the downside, Jesse James has faced various lawsuits and had to pay a fine to the tune of $271,250 for violation of state laws.

Jesse James started from scratch and amassed his wealth slowly and steadily. He has worked hard on his motorcycle customization business. Though he has had his fair share of personal and legal troubles, James overcame it all through sheer determination.

A welder at heart, Jesse James continues to tinker with bikes, cars, and firearms and lead an action-oriented life, both on and off the road.


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