Jerry Rice Net Worth

Jerry Rice is a football wide receiver from America who is known as the greatest wide receiver in the history of NFL (National Football League). Rice has played in 20 seasons of NFL mostly with San Francisco 49ers. He holds several records and is an all-time leader in most categories of wide receivers. He has won the Super Bowl three times and has received several other accolades. Let’s find out more about how much is Jerry Rice’s net worth.

Early Life

Jerry Rice Net Worth

Jerry Lee Rice was born on October 13, 1962, in Starkville, Mississippi to his parents Joe Nathan Rice and Eddie Rice. He grew up in Crawford, Mississippi.

He went to Oktoc, Mississippi’s B. L. Moor High School. In there, he used to play football, basketball, field, and track. Following that, he went to Mississippi Valley State University and used to play college football. He made various records during his college career and was nicknamed as “World”.

From 1981 to 1984, he played for Mississippi Valley State University. In there, he made 301 catches, 50 touchdowns in 4,693 yards.

In 1987, Jerry Rice got married to Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell. They are the parents of three children named Jaqui Bonet, Jerry Rice, Jr., and Jada Symone. They divorced in 2009. Rice has also played golf for more than 20 years.


After having a successful career in his college, Jerry Rice was selected by the San Francisco 49ers in the 1985 NFL Draft. In his rookie season, he made 10 catches with 241 yards in December against Los Angeles Rams. He finished the season with 927 yards and 49 catches.

In the next season, he made 86 passes, 15 touchdowns, and 1,570 yards. In 1988, he made a career-high of 20.4 yards each catch. The 49ers won the NFC West. He finished the Super Bowl XXIV by making 3 touchdown receptions, 7 catches, and 148 yards.

In 1990, he had a wonderful season by making 1,502 receiving yards, 100 receptions, and 13 receiving touchdowns. His career high passes came in 1995 when he made 122 passes with 15 touchdowns and 1848 yards.

After the 2000 season, Rice signed a contract with the Oakland Raiders. In 2003, he requested to get traded. In 2004, he was traded with the Seattle Seahawks. Following the 2004 season, he decided to join Denver Broncos for a year. However, he opted to retire from professional football.

Awards & Achievements

In 1987, Jerry Rice won the Bert Bell Award. He has been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and also in the College Football Hall of Fame. He has made several records in the NFL and has won the Super Bowl three times in his career. He was named as the Most Valuable Player in Super Bowl XXIII. Rice has also made in the Pro Bowl 13 times. He had also received the ESPY Award in 2000.

Net Worth of Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice has an estimated net worth of more than $60 million. This fortune comes from his career as a professional football player. He has signed a contract worth millions of dollars, and in his retirement, he received $1.9 million for a day from the San Francisco 49ers. Part of his wealth also comes by appearing in the media. In 2005, he became a contestant in ‘Dancing with the Stars’. He has also appeared in films and has penned two books.

Jerry Rice is considered one of the most popular football wide receivers in the world. He holds numerous receiving records in the NFL. His popularity also made him appear in films and TV. In 1999, he was placed at No. 2 in the 100 Greatest Football Players list by Sporting News. In his honor, the ‘Jerry Rice Award’ has been inaugurated by the Sports Network.


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