Jennifer Lien Net Worth

If you are familiar with the “Star Trek” universe, you are probably familiar with what an Ocampan is. These extraordinary creatures apparently live for 8 to 9 years and one of them has been well played by the actress Jennifer Lien. Kes of the “Voyager” for every “Star Trek” series lover, Jennifer Lien is a notable person even after she has bid farewell to her acting career. Read on to know more about Jennifer Lien’s net worth.

Early Life

Jennifer Lien Net Worth

Jennifer Lien was born on August 24, 1974, in Chicago, USA, as the youngest of the three kids born to her parents having an older sister and brother. Jennifer Lien was so inclined towards acting from an early age that by the time she turned 13, she enrolled at the Illinois Theatre Center. Jennifer recalls that she was keen to act and was inspired by her Drama teacher at school. She did act in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” and “Othello” in different roles. She then moved on to the world of musical and contemporary theatre.

In some of her interviews in the years 1992 & 1993, Jennifer Lien recalled how the area she lived in was a little on the grubbier side, as it was an industrial one and her childhood was pretty wild, according to her own admittance. She had to maneuver through various hurdles to fit into that kind of a competitive environment for survival. She even stated that many of her friends were drug addicts and she witnessed a number of them die at an early age. It was in the South Side of Chicago where she experienced it all. According to Jennifer herself, she wrote plays and liked pretending that she was someone else to cope with all that.

When Jennifer Lien joined the drama club in seventh grade, she began to appreciate the acting, as it made her realize that she could make a little difference to the world by making others happy with her acting skills. She joined acting classes later on and did some industrial film. Jennifer Lien did her graduation from the Professional Children’s School.

Jennifer Lien’s husband is Phil Hwang, a director by profession. They both have a son together, Jonah whom she gave birth to in 2002.


Jennifer Lien’s first tryst with the camera was for an industrial advertisement for a bubblegum brand. Jennifer Lien later featured as a guest on The Oprah Winfrey starring drama series, “Brewster Place”, which aired in 1990. The show marked her television debut. With time, casting directors began to hire her and that’s how she made her way to New York after landing the series, “Another World” in which she played Hannah Moore. Afterward, Jennifer Lien played the role of Roanne in 1993’s sitcom, “Phenom”. She was also appeared in a comic album, “They’re All Gonna Laugh at You” helmed by Adam Sandler.

Jennifer Lien quit acting and voice in 2002 after her son was born and was reportedly intentioned to be a nutritionist.

Awards and Achievements

Jennifer Lien is widely known for her character “Kes” in ‘Voyager’ of Star Trek. She also appeared in several top hits, like “American History X”, “SLC Punk” in 1998, and lent her voice for the animated version of “Men in Black” for three consecutive seasons. She played the role of a nurse in “Rubbernecking” in 2001 and was largely appreciated for that. She was also an executive producer on Phil Hwag’s movie, “Geek Mythology”, in 2008.

Net Worth of Jennifer Lien

You guys must be thinking of what her net worth is, after such achievements without anyone backing her through the success. Well, Jennifer Lien’s net worth is $1 million.

Jennifer Lien had a bumpy life from an early age and continue to face misdemeanors. She had been arrested for exposing herself in front of some children in 2005 and was again arrested on March 2, 2018, for driving with an invalid license. It seems like lately, she has not been doing very well in her life. We just wish she could do better.


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