Jayson Williams Net Worth

Jayson Williams is an American former basketball player having mixed ancestry. During his tenure, he played for the ‘New Jersey Nets’ and the ‘Philadelphia 76ers’ of the National Basketball Association. Although he is a Basketball player, his life is filled with controversies rather than awards and achievements. These controversies range from drugs to murder charges against him. Here’s a quick summary of Jayson Williams’ net worth.

Early Life

Jayson Williams Net Worth

Born on 22 Feb 1968 at Ritter in South Carolina, Jayson Williams is one of the four children born to Barbara and Elijah Joshua Williams. His brother, Victor Williams is currently the chairperson of corporate and Investment Banking for Standard Bank Group. His mother, Barbara used to work as a nurse in lower Manhattan, while his father, Elijah was the owner of different construction companies. Jayson did his schooling from Christ The King Regional High School (New York) and then joined St. John’s University (New York) in 1987. He played for the basketball team of both of these institutes. At the NBA draft, in 1990, he got selected by the ‘Phoenix Suns’ in the very first round.

In 1996, during one of his games, Jayson Williams proposed to Cynthia Bailey, a model by occupation, but later broke up with her. Then, in Dec 1999, he married Kellie Batiste but divorced her soon afterward. In 2000, he married for the second time with Tanya Young (a cast member of a popular reality TV show). He has a son, Ejay Williams and a daughter, Monique Williams.


The professional life of Jayson Williams as a basketball player began in 1990 when he was selected by the ‘Phoenix Suns.’ On 28 Oct 1990, his draft rights were bought by the ‘Philadelphia 76ers’. On 8 Oct 1992, after two seasons, he was bought by the ‘New Jersey Nets.’ While playing for this team, Jayson had a fabulous career leading the league in offensive rebounds and finishing the season in the top five in total rebounds. He received his only “All-Star” award in 1998.

In a game against the Atlanta Hawks on 1st April 1999, Jayson accidentally banged with his teammate, which caused a fracture in his right leg. This was when his career came to an end because the very next day his leg was operated. Jayson announced his retirement on 28 June 2000, when he was 32 years of age after being out for the entire 1999–2000 NBA season. Apart from basketball, Jayson was accused of various legal charges. At a salon in Chicago, in 1992, he was alleged to have attacked a customer with a beer mug.

Again in 1993, he was alleged to have fired from a semiautomatic gun. On 14 Feb 2002, he was accused of the murder of a 55-year-old driver. According to a report by The New York Post, Jayson was playing with a shotgun when it got fired, killing the driver. On 23 February 2010, he was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment in the murder case. He finally came out of jail on 13 April 2012. On 27 April 2009, his name was fabricated in a Taser case by the New York City Police Department (NYPD).

He was arrested on 24 May 2009 for allegedly fighting with a man at a bar, but later this charge was dropped. On 5 Jan 2010, he was charged for driving while being intoxicated and crashing his car with a tree. Apart from all these cases and his basketball career, he is a good writer and has written three books to date. The first two were launched in 2001 and 2012 respectively, while the third one is due to be launched in 2019.

Awards and Achievements

● Jayson scored the total of:

∙ 3,472 Points (7.3 points per game)
∙ 3,584 Rebounds (7.5 rebounds per game)
∙ 301 Blocks (0.6 blocks per game)

● In 1998, he got his only award, i.e., NBA All-Star award.

Net Worth of Jayson Williams

Jayson Williams’ total net worth is $65 Million. He began his career in 1990 with a salary of $500,000 from ‘Philadelphia 76ers’. His salary then gradually increased to $2,500,000 till 1997 before drastically increasing to $90,000,000 in 1998, while he was playing for ‘New Jersey Nets.’

Jayson Williams career as a basketball player did start well, but later misfortune followed when he met with the career stopping accident. His career further devastated when he was framed in various criminal cases back to back. His books “Loose Balls” and “Humbled ~ Letters From Prison” are worth reading. While the first book is a collection of humorous incidents of his life, the second one is revelations about being abused as a child. Keeping all his good and bad deeds aside, his fans are eagerly waiting for his next book, “Crashing: A Memoir,” which is supposed to be launched in December 2019.


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