Jan Michael Vincent Net Worth

Jan Michael Vincent is an American actor who became famous after being cast in the popular TV series Airwolf. The series made him a household name in American families and landed him movie projects too. Once a highest-paid American TV actor, let’s find out more about how much is Jan Michael Vincent’s net worth.

Early Life

Jan Michael Vincent Net Worth

Jan Michael Vincent was born on 15th July 1944 in Colorado, the USA to Doris Vincent and Llyod Vincent. His father was in the billboard making business. Jan has a brother Christopher Vincent.

Jan graduated from the Hanford high school and later went to Ventura College to study art.

Jan loved surfing and was spotted by a talent scout and was assigned to work in the movie The Bandits.

After acting in various movies and TV shows, Jan Vincent became famous for his role in the TV series Airwolf.

Jan Michael Vincent married Bonnie Purman, and they together have a daughter.

Later in his career, Jan faced problems with alcohol abuse, and his marriage ended in a divorce.

Jan married a second time to model Joanne Robinson, but she also left him.

Currently, Jan Michael Vincent is living in Mississippi with his third wife, Patricia Ann.


Though The Bandits was the first movie of Jan Michael Vincent, his acting career got a boost after getting signed by Universal Studios in the 1960s. Under their banner, Vincent got TV series assignments like The Survivors and Dragnet.

He also worked on the movie The Undefeated with the big production house Twentieth Century Fox.

During this time Jan Michael also worked in several popular movies like The Mechanic and Tribes. He starred in some of the blockbusters like Big Wednesday and The World’s Greatest Athlete.

Then came his most memorable role as Stringfellow Hawke in the Airwolf series.

The role catapulted him to instant stardom and fame. He became a well-known face and was rumored to be paid a very high salary.

Once the show wrapped up, Vincent’s acting offers also dwindled. He acted in a few films having limited screen time. Some movies in which he acted were Ice Cream Man, Raw Nerve, and Red Line.

Some reasons attributed to the sudden decline of Jan Vincent’s career are his alcohol and drug abuse. Later on, he also suffered car accidents that limited his physical capacity to act.

Awards & Achievements

Jan Michael Vincent was not only known for his good looks but also for his acting prowess. He was critically praised for his role in the movie Tribes.

Jan was nominated for the Golden Globe awards twice. Once in 1972 for his role in the movie Going Home. The second time it was in 1984 for the miniseries The Winds of War.

He won the Bronze Wrangler from the Western Heritage Museum for the movie Bite the Bullet. He received the award with the writer, director, and other actors of the movie.

Net Worth of Jan Michael Vincent

Jan Michael has earned a net worth of $200 thousand through his acting career in the movies and TV. Jan Michael was once the highest-paid TV actor. He has also worked with some of the biggest production houses like Disney, Universal, and Fox. His movies like The world’s greatest athlete and Bite the Bullet have done commercially quite well. Bite the Bullet grossed a total of $5 million through rentals.

Once considered a medically hopeless case by doctors, Jan Michael Vincent’s will to survive overtook medical science predictions. Despite many misfortunes and accidents, that man weathered it all. Now a retired actor, Jan is leading a quiet life with his family.


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