Jack Van Impe Net Worth

Jack Van Impe is a famous American based televangelist, who is best recognized for half-hour kind of weekly television series entitled Jack Van Impe Presents, known as an eschatological note on the news of the week by an explanation of the Bible. Let’s find out how much is Jack Van Impe’s net worth.

Early Life

Jack Van Impe Net Worth

Jack Van Impe was born in the year 1931 to Marie Louise and Oscar Alphonse Van Impe. His parents emigrated from Belgium to the town of Troy, situated inside Michigan, known as a district of Detroit, within the US in the year 1929. His birthplace was Freeport, situated inside Michigan.

Actually, he was known to be the only child of his parents. The cause behind why he chose to turn as an evangelist was as his father served as a missionary with a strong belief.

Glancing at his education, in the year 1948, he did graduate from high school as well as appeared in Detroit Bible Institute, getting diploma degree during the year 1952 and starting his career in form of an evangelist and preacher also as recording career.


Jack Van Impe started off his career through his initial album entitled Presenting the Van Impe’s which presents him on the accordion and even in Rexella’s organ playing. Right from the era of the 1950s, he has launched many Gospel as well as spoken word type recordings.

This televangelist’s later musical recordings presented the accorgan, a kind of electronic type accordion. It is known that Jack Van Impe Presents is basically a non-profit type of organization, which is recorded at the Jack Van Impe Ministries World Outreach Center, within Rochester Hills, in Michigan.

His wife named Rexella works as cohost of the telecast. On a classic show, his wife starts by reading the latest news headlines.

Later, Van Impe uses his memorization of verses of the Bible to understand the latest stories, usually in an effort to display that actually it is a new appearance of biblically-expected marks of the finish of the age.

In the year 2011, Trinity Broadcasting Network has declined broadcasting of one episode for “Jack Van Impe Presents” and it actually censured Rick Warren and Robert Schuller for endorsing “Chrislam.” Within retort, he has stopped broadcasting his show on TBN.

This televangelist has faith in one specific understanding of an exact sense of the Bible which mentions, as per Revelation 13, that a single world political head (i.e. The Beast) and a single world religious head (i.e. the False Prophet) will arise, however, The Rapture would take place prior either head comes to authority.

Moreover, he too has faith that one-world religion will create, known as “Chrislam”; the merging of the two largest religions of the world i.e. Islam and Christianity.

Awards & Achievements:

Jack Van Impe’s website states that he is identified as the “Walking Bible” due to his widespread memorization of Bible verses.

Net Worth of Jack Van Impe:

Jack Van Impe has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. He has made most of his fortune with his major career as a televangelist.

Though his personal fortune is registered as $2.5 million, the operating budget of Jack Van Impe Ministries International is anywhere within the $12 million range.

Moreover, his registered salary with the corporation is approximated to be $100,000 every year. Seeing they like to maintain their slide low, this is actually excess money for this type of minor firm.

He is rich because he and his wife named Rexella reside in Troy, situated inside Michigan on Rivers Edge Drive, known as a luxurious house near to their Ministry construction within Rochester Hills. This home is attractive which was valued at approximately $414,500 during the year 2010, and its present worth is higher.

Jack Van Impe is one of that televangelist who rose to fame through his appearance in single television series as he appeared in weekly television series entitled Jack Van Impe Presents. Moreover, he had undergone knee replacement health problems.


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