Ivana Trump Net Worth

Ivana Trump, ex-wife of USA President Donald Trump and a businesswoman who is also a former athlete, model, and TV personality. Recently, she has published a book called Raising Trump which is a memoir of her life spent with Donald trump and raising their three kids. Let’s find out how much is Ivana Trump’s net worth.

Early Life

Ivana Trump Net Worth

Ivana Trump was born as Ivana Zelnickova on 20th February 1949 in Moravian, Czechoslovakia to Milos Zelnicek and Marie Francova.

Ivana was a talented skier who was trained and encouraged by her father to become a competitive skier.

When Ivana was 18, she became friends with George Syrovatka who was a skier like her. She went to Prague with him and completed her master’s from Charles University there. She also started part-time modeling.

Ivana has been married four times. Her first marriage was with Alfred Winklmayr who was a real estate agent in Austria. It is rumored that the marriage was a set-up to get her an Austrian passport so that she could fly to Canada to join her skier friend George there.

Ivana met Donald Trump in New York when she was there for a modeling assignment. They got married in 1977 and have 3 three children together. The marriage lasted 14 years.

Ivana’s third marriage was with Riccardo Mazzucchelli in 1995. After their divorce, she married the fourth time to Rossana Rubicondi. Though the marriage lasted just a few months, she has been in an on-off relationship with him since then.


Ivana Trump has ventured into many professions. Before her marriage to Donald Trump, she did modeling assignments in Canada. She worked with designer Auckie Sanfit and Eaton store.

After her marriage to Donald Trump, Ivana became involved in his business organization. She worked as a vice president of interior design for Trump’s Plaza hotel and a casino. Later on, she was made the president of the hotel and casino.

After her divorce with Donald Trump, Ivana restarted her career independently. She became a businesswoman and founded her own company Ivana Haute Couture that sold perfumes, jewelry, and clothes.

She also wrote some books and novels. Some notable works of her include For Love alone and The best is yet to come.

During this time she also appeared in movies and TV shows. She did a small role in the movie The first wives club. Some of her famous TV shows were Ivana Young man and The apprentice.

She has recently launched a book which details her life and time spent with Donald Trump.

Awards & Achievements

Ivana Trump has always been a hard-working and dedicated person. Her upbringing as a sports person taught her the value of discipline early in life.

She proved critics wrong when they predicted that she would fall apart after her divorce from Donald Trump. Instead, she got herself together and established a successful business enterprise.

Apart from establishing a clothing line business she also became a partial owner of Croatia’s second-largest newspaper.

She would appear on TV and movies to supplement her income. She took part in the TV show Celebrity Big Brother and finished seventh.

Net Worth of Ivana Trump

Ivana Trump who has established herself as a successful entrepreneur has an estimated net worth of $65 million. She has earned much of her income through her various business ventures and TV appearances.

Ivana also made money while working for the advice column of the Globe magazine for 15 years.

Ivana has been reported to receive a sum of $20 million in her much-publicized divorce settlement case against Donald Trump.

Ivana Trump became famous because of the celebrity status of her ex-husband but she has become successful because of her will and dedication. Known to be resilient even in the toughest circumstances, Ivana taught herself to bound back from broken relationships and focus on work. Full of energy and liveliness, Ivana Trump continues her streak of success.


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