Ice JJ Fish Net Worth

IceJJFish is a well known American rapper, singer, and songwriter. His genre is R&B and Hip Hop. He became popular by posting his songs on YouTube, Vine, and other social media. The viewership of these videos soon crossed the one-million views mark. He started with remixing hip hop music and later started creating his own. His real name is Daniel McLoyd, and Ice JJ Fish was the moniker he chose and he rose to fame. People have been curious about his success, and how much he is making out of his videos. Read on to find out his Net Worth.

Early Life

Ice JJ Fish Net Worth

Ice JJ Fish was born on July 30, 1994, in Aurora, Illinois. His real name is Daniel McLoyd. He became popular because of his bad singing. He is compared to an American Idol contestant William Hung who achieved instant fame for singing terribly. He sings R&B songs as well, besides rap. His most popular song is, On The Floor, and the video features his terrible dancing as well.

Ice JJ Fish’s song has featured on WorldStarHipHop, which is a hip hop website. Soon his song began trending. It is difficult to decide whether to criticize or ignore his songs. His songs are terrible to listen to, yet Ice JJ Fish thinks he sings quite well and is serious about a singing career. He is very proud of his singing abilities, which he expressed with his video, I sing with 100 voices.

As for his personal life, it has been disclosed by many sources that Ice JJ Fish has a girlfriend. They had been in a relationship for more than 6 years. They seem to know each other even before he started his career. Though her identity has not yet been revealed to the public, nor Ice JJ Fish has publicly announced or acknowledged her existence.

It is also rumored that he belongs to the LGBT community, but it has neither been confirmed nor denied. It is also rumored that his social media account was hacked.


JJ Ice Fish’s career started in 2012. His first song was Higher than an Airplane. This song was recorded with his earlier name DMoney and the description read, This goes ham. In the beginning, he started remixing famous numbers. Some of these included Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus.

He then tried his hand at collaborating with a fellow rapper Tyler The Creator. This track was called, I Just Bought A Bugatti I am Happy. A few more of his trending singles were, Follow Me and No Topping You.

He rebranded himself and made a cover version of Drake’s Hold On, We’re Going Home. Later he launched his first official music video, No Topping You, which was not very good, as usual.

His most notable video on YouTube was On The Floor, which fetched more than 50 million views for him. This video had featured his dancing as well. People have made fun of his dance moves and called these steps as The Confused Boxer, The Defective Robocop, The Natural Birth, etc. But he remains undeterred by such snide remarks.

Another of his single remix of Beyonce, Drunk In Love Remake managed to get more than 9 million views. He has also sold his songs on iTunes, the Apple music store. Although there is no data available on the number of copies sold, one can assume that he is earning quite a lot of money.

Awards & Achievement

Ice JJ Fish has about 400 thousand subscribers on his Youtube channel. He has about 300 thousand followers on Twitter, and he has half a million followers on Instagram. With his singing and dancing, which people often describe as pathetic, it is no wonder that he has not been able to get any awards. In 2014 there was news of Ice JJ Fish being signed by Young Money. The news also went on to state that the Famous Lil Wayne’s record label is paying him $3 million for the contract. Later it turned out that this was just a rumor to create more curiosity and views for his online videos.

The net worth of Ice JJ Fish

Ice JJ Fish owns record labels that go by the name of IceJJFish Ent and IceJJfish Records. Under these he has taken out albums like What Time It Is, It’s Not Too Late. His popularity is growing by the day and the number of subscribers to his Youtube channel is growing. His followers on Twitter and Instagram keep on increasing. All it means that his earnings from online advertisement revenue, will keep on increasing, and thus his net worth as well. So while most people get annoyed and feel outraged at his audacity to call himself a singer; his online videos continues to be watched more and more.

Ice JJ Fish’s current Net Worth is estimated to be $350 thousand.

The success of Ice JJ Fish shows that it is not necessary to have a great voice to succeed in the world of music. But one must have the dedication and the conviction to make it big. With his innovative ways of making his music and selling it over the Internet, he has taken advantage of the new media, benefitting from the First Mover Advantage. He has also inspired many wannabe singers and YouTubers. While people keep criticizing and making fun of his music and voice; he is laughing all his way to the bank.


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