How to Immigrate from Finland to Canada


Do you want to know how to immigrate from Finland to Canada? We can help with our comprehensive immigration guide.

Are you looking for a new start from Finland and think that Canada is at the top of the list? Do you know where to start? We do. Our comprehensive How to Immigrate from Finland to Canada Guide is here to help make your journey an easy one.

Here are 9 steps you can follow to help you on your way.

  • Step 1 Choose a province or territory;
  • Step 2 Learn about visa options that suit your needs;
  • Step 3 Meet basic requirements;
  • Step 4 Gather necessary documents;
  • Step 5 Complete a medical exam;
  • Step 6 Pass relevant English or French exams;
  • Step 7 Apply for an Extract from the Criminal Records;
  • Step 8 Apply for Biometrics; and
  • Step 9 Get an ECA

Step 1 Where to Live in Canada

There are a number of factors to take into account when you move to a new country. One of these factors is where you want to live.

Now depending on your needs, whether you are moving to Canada as an international student and want access to the best universities or if you are moving to the country for better job opportunities, you need to choose the best place to meet your immigration needs.


You may not know that Canada is made up of 13 unique territories and provinces. Each of them have their own unique climates, economies, job markets, cultures and languages.

Alberta has one of the best and sunniest climates in Canada if you aren’t a huge fan of the cold. Cities like Medicine Hat and Lethbridge are some of the sunniest places to live with over 330 days of glorious sun.

Ontario may interest you if you are looking to experience some of the most diverse Canadian cities like Toronto, where over 51% of the population belong to an ethnic minority. Not to mention that the city itself has one of the largest financial and technological sectors in Canada if you are in the job market for it.

The province of Saskatchewan has the nickname the “breadbasket of Canada”. No, not because the province has great bakeries but because it is one of the biggest agricultural producers in Canada. Not surprising, since it has over 100,000 lakes, making it great for farmlands.

If you are more interested in the coastal life, then maybe one of the four Atlantic provinces like Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador or New Brunswick maybe be right up your alley.

PEI is a quaint coastal province and is a great alternative if you want to get away from hustle and bustle of busy city life.

Known for its seafood and delicious lobster dishes, PEI is a province where you are at most, 30 minutes from your local beach.

Do you want to learn about the different provinces and territories in Canada. Check out our interactive map. Click and choose where you would love to live in Canada!

Discover everything you need to know about provincial life, immigration programs, best cities to live in and even the local job markets.

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