Top 10 Heaviest Animals in the World

Animals vary quite a lot in their physical traits. Not only by their height but even more so by their weight. While heavy animals certainly do not belong to the fastest animals on Earth, they do possess other evolutionary advantages due to their size and weight. Heavy and large animals tend to be practically immune to cancer to name one. The following ranking lists the 10 heaviest animals known around the world. The ranking is based on the maximum weight a respective species is known to have achieved. While the ranking is (unsurprisingly) dominated by a certain inhabitant of the sea, most of the Top 10 heaviest animals actually live on the land as you will see.

1. Whales

blue whale 1198719 960 720

Weight: Up to 190 tonnes
Natural habitat: In all Oceans of planet Earth
Heaviest sub-species: Blue Whale

2. Sharks

pexels photo 1771331

Weight: Up to 30 tonnes
Natural habitat: In all Oceans of planet Earth
Heaviest sub-species: Whale Shark

3. Elephants

pexels photo 3684839

Weight: Up to 12.5 tonnes
Natural habitat: Sub-Saharan AfricaSouth Asia & Southeastern Asia
Heaviest sub-species: African Bush Elephant

4. Hippopotamuses

hippopotamus 79296 960 720

Weight: Up to 4.5 tonnes
Natural habitat: Sub-Saharan Africa
Heaviest sub-species: East African Hippopotamus

5. Rhinoceroses

pexels photo 631292

Weight: Up to 4.3 tonnes
Natural habitat: Sub-Saharan Africa & South Asia
Heaviest sub-species: White Rhinoceros

6. Elephant Seals

seal 3705013 960 720

Weight: Up to 4 tonnes
Natural habitat: Antarctica & Western North America
Heaviest sub-species: Southern Elephant Seal

7. Walruses

walrus 518220 960 720

Weight: Up to 2.1 tonnes
Natural habitat: Arctic Circle (primarily Russia, Greenland & Canada)
Heaviest sub-species: Pacific Walrus

8. Giraffes

giraffe 1330814 960 720

Weight: Up to 1.9 tonnes
Natural habitat: Sub-Saharan Africa
Heaviest sub-species: Northern Giraffe

9. Gaurs

Indian Gaur from anaimalai hills JEG5290

Weight: Up to 1.5 tonnes
Natural habitat: South Asia & Southeast Asia
Heaviest sub-species: Indian Gaur

10. Bisons

bison buffalo american animal 46188

Weight: Up to 1.3 tonnes
Natural habitat: North America & Europe (primarily Poland)
Heaviest sub-species: American Bison


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