Freeway Rick Ross Net Worth

Freeway Rick Ross is an American Drug Trafficker, turned author, who is best known for establishing a drug empire in Los Angeles in California in the 1980’s. He is considered as one of the biggest drug mafias in America, who was sentenced for life but was released from the prison in 2009, following a shortened appeal. Here is a quick summary of Freeway Rick Ross’s net worth.

Early Life

Freeway Rick Ross Net Worth

Ricky Donnell Ross was born in 1960 on 26 January to Sonny Ross and Annie Mae Ross. He was born and brought in Troup, Texas in the United States of America. He completed his schooling from Susan Miller Dorsey High School. He was an amazing tennis player, however, he was unable to attain a scholarship because of his illiteracy.

He first acquainted with drugs in 1979, when he was still a teenager. Since that day he started selling drugs and soon found himself, becoming the biggest name in the world of drug trafficking.

He was nicknamed Freeway, as he owned a property located in Los Angeles Harbor Freeway, right next to 110 interstate.

He is married to Mychosia Nightingale, who has always been with him, through thick and thin and helped him in becoming a better man.

He is very close to his wife. However, it is being speculated that he has been having some trouble in his married life.


Rick Ross opted for the wrong path to make money in the land of dreams and started selling drugs in America. He was sentenced for life, but his sentence was shortened to 20 years, leading to his good behavior in prison. His drug empire was spread across every state of America.

He was caught red-handed for illegally trafficking 100 kg of cocaine during a CBI sting operation. He was arrested in 1996 when it was speculated that he had made over $850 million with his cocaine smuggling in America.

After getting released from the prison, Rick Ross has adapted a righteous has become a successful, author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

In 2010, Freeway also sued a rapper Rick Ross, who used his name for selling more records and becoming popular in Hollywood.

In 2014, he wrote his autography titled ‘Freeway Rick Ross: The Untold Autobiography,’ which turned out to a bestselling book that year.

He has also been a part of multiple movies and television documentaries and interviews like ‘American Drug War: The Last White Hope’, ‘VH1’s Planet Rock History of Crack and Hip Hop Documentary’, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, ‘Kill the Messenger’, and ‘Freeway Crack in The System’.


In 2014, Rick Ross’s book was named as the Best Book of the Year in the true crime category by ForeWord Review’s IndiFab. He hasn’t received any other award, but he definitely deserves one for the way he transformed his life from a criminal to a respected citizen of the society.

Net Worth of Freeway Rick Ross

Freeway Rick Ross has an estimated net worth of over $2.5 million. In early 1980s, Rick Ross made over $850 million through his cocaine business. He was caught when the CIA planted one of their agents in his supplier team.

Despite being one of the most wanted criminals of America, Rick Ross turned his life upside down and became a well-established author, who inspires thousands of people to transform their lives for better. Now Rick Ross has become a real-life example of why you shouldn’t opt for the wrong path in your life. He lost over 20 years of his life fearing the police and fulfilling his sentence in the prison which he could have easily avoided.


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