Freddie Gibbs Net Worth

An American rapper, Fredrick Tipton is famously known as Freddie Gibbs who is well known for his hip-hop style of music. He has worked with certain popular labels like Str8 Slammin, E$GN, CTE world, Decon, and Interscope. His dedication, adherence, and allegiance have certainly resulted in a positive outcome accompanied by flying colors. So without further doing, let’s check out Freddie’s net worth.

Early life

Freddie Gibbs Net Worth

In the year 1982, Freddie was born in Indiana, Gary. As a child, he was very much interested in the music world. In the year 2006, Freddie signed a contract with Interscope records. With this label, he released his first album. But soon after the release of the album, the deal between Freddie and the record company was off.

Some eminent rappers like Twista, Ice cube, Three 6 Mafia, Get boys, UGK, Thugs-n-Harmony, Jay-Z, DMX and Scarface have made a great influence on Freddie. Freddie is appreciated for his diverse rapping which is proficient from a technical point of view. In the year 2015, Hobbs announced that he is engaged to his long-term girlfriend named, Erica Dickson.


In the year 2009, Freddie Gibbs released a mixtape named, The Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs. This mixtape consisted of various tracks that were unreleased. It was released over the Internet for free. The ninth mixtape of Freddie Gibbs was released in the year 2011, and it was named as A cold day in Hell. It features stars like Young Jeezy, Freeway, Don Kennedy, and also Juicy J. Freddie Gibbs has his own website where he announced that he is going to part of the Chip Tha Ripper of Cleveland in the year 2011.

In the same year, he also joined forces with The cool kids’ Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish along with Chip the ripper to create a group named, pulled over by the cops. These groups ma only focused on the hip-hop genre. In the year 2012, Gibbs released his 12th mixtape known as Babyface Killa that included stars like Young Jeezy, space ghost purp, Jadakiss, Jay Rock, and many more.

Gibbs was part of the CTE label which was owned by Young Jeezy, but he left it in 2012. In the year 2013, Freddie Gibbs declared that he is going to release his debut album known as ESGN. Again in 2015, Gibbs released another album known as, Shadow of a doubt. In 2017 he released his third album known as You Only Live 2wice. Gibbs also faced certain legal issues.

Awards and achievements

Freddie Gibbs came into the music world since 2006, and till now he has worked several record labels. He has already released three albums, and he has been praised for his rapping skill which is diverse. In the year 2014, Gibbs released another album known as Pinata, and he was assisted by Madlib who is a producer. This album got featured on the US Billboard’s top 200 lists and also on the US top rap album list.

The net worth of Freddie Gibbs

The net worth of Freddie Gibbs is estimated to be around $1.9 million. Freddie is a famous singer who has several stage shows and also world tours that have contributed to his net worth. Freddie Gibbs has toured in London, France, Portugal, Iceland, and Toronto, and several parts of America. He is an owner of some exclusive cars.

Freddie Gibbs is a versatile and very talented singer who perfectly manages his life as a father and busy rapper. Since he became part of the music world, he has continuously released mixtapes and albums that are popular as well as critically acclaimed. He is a very nice life both professionally and personally. Gibbs has also been charged with legal issues that it did little to hamper his popularity.


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