FPSRussia Net Worth

FPSRussia is famous as a youtube and twitch.tv channel involving of videos regarding firearms and also explosives. It is best recognized for its videos which highlight Kyle Myers, identified as an American based personality, born inside Lavonia, in Georgia. This personality has performed the character of Dmitri Potapoff, identified as a stressed Russian individual from Moscow. Let’s find out how much is FPSRussia’s net worth.

Early Life

FPSRussia Net Worth

Myers has started FPSRussia, but before that, he has run one channel known as “klm5986”. Besides, he even had one youtube channel known by the name “FPSKyleletsplays” and running under the name of FPSKyle.

The youtube channel ran by him presents videos from other youtube based celebs, such as xSocrates. Moreover, he accepted concept for a Russian based inflection while functioning within car dealership.

It is found that one among his colleagues was identified as Russian and he expressed interest in copying his accent. Also, he runs third channel known as FPSRussiaTV. Post break of nine months, in the year 2014, FPSRussia arrived back to youtube.


Fpsrussia started off its career by its channel on youtube. Due to the success of FPSRussia, it is found that Myers has begun a second channel known by the name MoreFPSRussia. Moreover, he too partnered with Epic Meal Time in the year 2011.

The partnership has received higher than 7.5 million video views recorded on youtube during the year 2014. Moreover, his character primarily hosts the live fire type portion of Prime’s web series made for Machinima.com known as The Controller: Medal of Honor Warfighter.

Even during the year 2012, he did a cameo appearance by performing as Dmitri, within Call of Duty: Black Ops II live-action kind of trailer, directed by Guy Ritchie.

Apart from that, Myers too co-founded and by now co-hosts a famous internet podcast known by the name Painkiller Already (abbreviated as PKA) with some youtube personalities like WoodysGamertag (co-founder) as well as MurkaDurkah (identified as the long-time recurrent guest, host during the year 2014).

The podcast has initiated its life directly on Podbean and even on iTunes, though a few years back, shifted to a youtube platform because of problems caused with hosting charges and even with upload period.

The show has highlighted two other youtube personalities, presented as hosts, co-founder, i.e., WingsOfRedemption and afterward added LeftyOX, the person who has resigned from the show from the year 2014.

The show is also offered as one RSS feed featured on Podbean. In the year 2013, this celebrity has launched a gaming channel right on the platform of youtube under the username -FPS”. Moreover, Myers along with WingsOfRedemption and WoodysGamertag initiated the podcast.

Awards & Achievements

The FPSRussia channel is known to reach the 1 million subscribers in the year 2011. As of October of 2017, the channel has collected more than 6 million subscribers. In the year 2014, FPSRussia was registered on New Media Rockstars as Top 100 Channels, getting #78 rank.

In the year 2013, he has started one gaming channel running on YouTube below the username -“FPS.”

Net Worth of FPSRussia

FPSRussia has an estimated net worth of $2 million. It has made most of his fortune with its career on youtube and as twitch.tv channel relating videos related to firearms and explosives.

Myers annual income is approximated to be $230 thousand which tells that Myers has received around $19 thousand each month. The channel possesses more than 6.2 Million total youtube subscribers.

This internet celebrity Myers got famous because his Russian alter ego known as Dimitri Potapoff highlighted on his youtube channel -FPSRussia. On most of the videos, the celebrity is showing the application of explosives along with firearms. I

Last year, FPSRussia got higher than 6 million subscribers also his personal net worth is approximated to be $2.5 million.

Fpsrussia is one of the famous youtube and twitch.tv channel on which interesting videos are posted for users. This channel has already collected millions of subscribers and millions of views suggesting its fame.


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