Top 10 Fastest Land Animals In the World

Humans can be quite fast, but we’re nothing compared to the speed some animals can reach. The following ranking shows you which land species (which excludes birds) are the fastest on our planet sorted by the maximum speed they’re able to reach.

1. Cheetah

pexels photo 2274018

Maximum speed: Up to 114 km/h or 71 mph
Natural habitat: Africa, Western Asia, Southern Asia

2. Pronghorn

pronghorn 1119146 960 720

Maximum speed: Up to 89 km/h or 55 mph
Natural habitat: North America (USA & Canada)

3. Springbok

springbok 3405675 960 720

Maximum speed: Up to 88 km/h or 55mph
Natural habitat: Southwestern Africa

4. Wildebeest

wildlife 2839393 960 720

Maximum speed: Up to 81 km/h or 50 mph
Natural habitat: Southern Africa

5. Lion

lion 805084 960 720

Maximum speed: Up to 81 km/h or 50 mph
Natural habitat: Sub-Saharan Africa, Western India

6. (tied) Blackbuck & Hare & Jaguar

blackbuck hare jaguar

Maximum speeds: Up to 80 km/h or 50 mph each
Natural Habitats:
Blackbuck: South Asia
Hare: Asia, Europe, North America
Jaguar: South America, Central America, small parts of North America

7. Greyhound

1920px Greyhound Racing 2 amk

Maximum speed: Up to 74 km/h or 46 mph
Natural habitat: Europe

8. African Wild Dog

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Maximum speed: Up to 72 km/h or 45 mph
Natural habitat: Africa

9. Kangaroo

Flying kangaroo

Maximum speed: Up to 71 km/h or 44 mph
Natural habitat: Australia

10. Horse

Biandintz eta zaldiak modified2

Maximum speed: Up to 70 km/h or 44 mph.
Natural habitat: All continents except Antarctica


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