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Popular Dutch – American songwriter, musician, and producer, Eddie Van Halen is the co-founder of hard rock band Van Halen along with his brother Alex Van Halen. Here is a quick summary of Eddie Van Halen’s net worth.

Early Life

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He was born as Edward Lodewijk Van Halen on the 26th of January in 1955 in the Netherlands to Dutch father Jan Van Halen and mother Eugenia Van Halen who was Eurasian. They moved to California in 1962 and started learning Piano from the young age of six. They had to go far to San Pedro for their training and hated the commute. But every time they refused to go, their mother disciplined them.

Edward could never read music and learned it simply by observation. He occupied the top position in the annual Piano competition from 1964 – 67 at the Long Beach City College. He soon got more interested in playing guitar than playing piano and began practicing it for hours in a day by locking himself up in a room.

Eddie married actress Valerie Bertinelli in 1980, they had a child in 1981, but she filed for divorce in 2005, and in 2007 the two got divorced. He then married his publicist and girlfriend Janie Liszewski in 2009.


His musical started with the formation of his own band, another band formed by Van Halen in 1972 was the ‘Genesis’ band, which was later renamed to ‘Mammoth’, to signify progressive rock. He was the lead guitarist and vocalist in the band, with Alex on drums, who incidentally was his brother. After performing with his band on several locations, he decided to release his own albums.

Van Halen went on to release six albums with David Lee Roth as the lead Vocalist. These albums included ‘Van Halen’ along with the popular ‘Van Halen II’, the path breaking ‘Women and Children First’ and the iconic ones like ‘Fair Warning’ and ‘Diver Down’. The ‘Jump’ single from his album ‘1984’ became their one and only single to reach the number one slot on Billboard Hot 100. The songs of most of their albums performed well, but another one worthy of a mention is the single ‘Hot for Teacher’ which also featured on Number 2 at the Billboards, only after Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’.

Eddie was approached by Quincy Jones to contribute to the solo guitar in Micheal Jackson’s song ‘Beat it’. He denied taking any money for the song and did it just for the credits on the album.

Awards & Achievements

Van Halen as a group has received multiple awards and titles over the years, instead of each artist receiving a separate award. Eddie Van Halen however featured on the Rolling Stone’s eighth rank on the list of top 100 guitarists. In 2012 he was voted as the number one guitarist in a reader’s poll for ‘100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time’ by the ‘Guitar World’ magazine.

Net Worth of Eddie Van Halen

After loyally sticking with his band for years and releasing several albums together, Eddie Van Halen has today created an impressive net worth of $85 million.

Eddie is the one who was not born with a silver spoon and became whatever he is today with sheer dedication to what he was doing. He got into playing musical instruments from a young age and kept on playing till he perfected them. Even when he developed perfection, he did not stop and kept on trying on further to improve his performance and always give the best he can. He has some iconic tracks to his credit and few of us can forget tracks like “Hot for Teacher” or the immensely popular “Running with the devil”.


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