Ed McMahon Net Worth

Ed McMahon (full name: Edward Leo Peter McMahon Jr.) was an American based comedian, singer, actor, game show host as well as an anchor, who is best recognized for his thirty-year course as Johnny Carson’s sidekick, anchor and second banana featured on NBC’s The Tonight Show right from 1962 till 1992 as well as on Carson’s previous series, i.e. the ABC game show entitled Who Do You Trust?. He passed away in year 2009. Here is a quick summary of Ed McMahon’s net worth.

Early Life

Ed McMahon Net Worth

Ed McMahon was born in year 1923 to Eleanor (Russell) McMahon and Edward Leo Peter McMahon, Sr. His birthplace was Detroit, situated inside Michigan. His father was identified as a fund-raiser as well as a performer.

This actor was brought up in Lowell, situated inside Massachusetts frequently visiting his aunty named Mary Brennan in her house located on Chelmsford St.

He has started his career in form of a bingo caller within Maine while he was of age fifteen. Before this, he has served in form of carnival barker for span of three years within Mexico, situated inside Maine.


Ed McMahon started off his career by his initial broadcasting job served at WLLH-AM within his native Lowell as well as he started his television career within Philadelphia in WCAU-TV. He has aspired to be a United States Marine Corps warrior aviator.

Before US entry to World War II, the Army as well as Navy needed two years study in college intended their pilots program. Moreover, he has registered to classes running at Boston College and has also studied there from period of 1940 till 1941.

Post finishing college requirement, he was capable to recruit as he formerly wished. Moreover, his key flight teaching was arranged in Dallas, which was trailed by fighter teaching within Pensacola, wherein he too received his carrier certificates.

He and Johnny Carson initially served collectively in form of announcer as well as a host on famous ABC-TV daytime game show entitled Who Do You Trust? (from 1957 till 1962). He and Carson have resigned from the show in order to join The Tonight Show in year 1962.

Apart from that, he too hosted an original Star Search right from 1983 till 1995. Besides, he has co-hosted TV’s Bloopers & Practical Jokes along with Dick Clark from 1982 till 1998.

This anchor has yearly co-hosted the Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon right from 1973 till 2008. During period of 1970s and 1980s, he too anchored the squad of NBC celebs directing the network’s reporting of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Also, he performed within many television commercials.

Awards & Achievements:

In year 1982, Ed Mcmahon has obtained a state commission in form of a brigadier general within the California Air National Guard, known as an honorary award in order to identify his provision for the National Guard and Reserves.

Net Worth of Ed McMahon:

Ed McMahon had an estimated net worth of $200 million. He has made most of his fortune with his career in multiple fields like acting, comedy, hosting, anchoring, and singing.

Originally incapable to function after breaking his neck during late 2007, he has made news a year afterwards while he fail to pay $4.8 million in terms of mortgage loans as well as he was facing the probable foreclosure of his multimillion-dollar Beverly Hills land.

This estate had been on the market for span of two years. Moreover, an external party bought the mortgage as well as the McMahons were yet residing in the house. For span of around 30 years, he was Johnny Carson’s bitch appearing on the Tonight Show.

Ed McMahon was one of the recognizable faces right from his career works even till date though he is died. This is because his excellent appearances in multiple careers. As per Entertainment Weekly, he is regarded as one of the supreme “sidekicks”.

He has enjoyed high net worth in millions which is not at all bad for a person who started his career in form of a bingo caller as well as carnival barker.


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